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Distributed Storage

The Hydrogen Stream: An electrolysis test field in Germany and a deal for 500 hydrogen-powered electric trucks

Enertrage and Sunfire want to build an electrolysis test field in eastern Germany and Hyzon Motors sold 500 hydrogen-powered electric trucks to Shanghai Hydrogen HongYun Automotive. Moreover, several partnership agreements were announced in Malaysia, Japan, the US, Australia and South Korea.


Italy’s Lombardy region adds another €20 million for residential PV+storage

Italy’s richest and most dynamic region continues to support solar+storage installations with rebates.

Mathematical model to couple PV, wind with cooling-heating-power systems

Brazilian researchers have proposed a new mathematical model to change parameters for wind and solar resources and different levels of energy demand. The model was originally conceived for tropical regions, but it can actually be used in any location. The new methodology models a highly complex system featuring wind turbines and PV modules, as well as solar collectors, fuel lines, gas boilers, engine-generator sets, recovery boilers, absorption and compression chillers, and grid electricity.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles to enter Australian market

Startup H2X is banking on bringing automotive manufacturing back to Australia with hydrogen. After it unveiled its Warrego pickup truck last week, pv magazine Australia caught up with the company’s corporate affairs specialist, Tony Blackie.

How safe are smart EV chargers?

Research has uncovered critical security threats associated with a number of common smart electric-vehicle chargers, but it’s not too late or too logistically difficult to remedy the issues.

The Hydrogen Stream: Hyundai wants to halve fuel cell system costs in two years

Elsewhere, Uniper and the Port of Rotterdam have signed a deal to produce green hydrogen at the former’s site on the Maasvlakte extension of the port, and the Japanese government is helping Azerbaijan develop a green hydrogen and ammonia market.

Designer bacteria for energy storage

A group of biologists in the United States working with a bacteria discovered a mechanism that could be used to convert electricity into biofuels or other useful substances. With better understanding of the genetics, the group says the mechanism could rival hydrogen for the storage of renewable energy.

Direct solar hydrogen generation tech powered by 24.3%-efficient tandem perovskite-silicon solar cell

Developed by Australian scientists, the demonstrated system is claimed to achieve a solar-to-hydrogen efficiency of 20% at a levelized cost of hydrogen (LCOH) of $4.10/kg. The direct solar hydrogen generation technology is powered by a tandem perovskite-silicon solar cell with an unprecedented high open-circuit voltage of 1.271 V, and a power conversion efficiency of 24.3%.


Mobile solar unit to power green hydrogen at platinum mine

A 600 kW, container-based solar array will be used to electrolyze green hydrogen at a mine in Limpopo, South Africa after Engie signed a two-year lease for the mobile system, at Anglo American’s Mogalakwena site.

A new spin on battery manufacturing

Scientists in Germany developed a new process for manufacturing battery electrodes, that they say could be both more cost effective and environmentally friendly compared to current technologies. The technique could be applied to a range of different battery materials/chemistries and its creators say they are in discussion with a number of battery cell manufacturers regarding pilot production.


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