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Heat Pumps

Brine-water heat pumps with photovoltaic-thermal panels

German scientists have simulated the seasonal performance of PVT panels in brine-water heat pumps for heating single-family homes. They compared them to air- and ground-source heat pumps with and without PV, and to gas heating systems.

German manufacturer to invest €450 million in heat pump expansion

Stiebel Eltron says it will quadruple its heat pump manufacturing capacity at its factory in Holzminden, Germany. It also plans to triple the number of industrial jobs it provides to 1,200 positions by 2027.


Bosch to open heat pump factory in Poland

Bosch has announced plans to build its first heat pump factory in Dobromierz, Poland. The German heating manufacturer will invest €225 million ($247.3 million) in the new facility, which is expected to start operations in early 2026.


US government commits $250 million to domestic heat pump production

The US authorities will offer new funds under the US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) to build a clean energy economy, create new manufacturing jobs, and help families to save money on their energy bills.


Installed heat pump costs to fall by 20% by 2030, says UK research institute

The UK Energy Research Center says that the total installed cost of air-source heat pumps could fall by 20% by 2030. Non-equipment costs may decline by 30%, while equipment costs alone could drop by 17%.


US manufacturer releases cold climate heat pump

Rheem has unveiled an air-source heat pump that provides uninterrupted heating under -30.5 C ambient conditions. It has successfully passed the US Department of Energy’s Cold Climate Heat Pump Challenge.


Fraunhofer ISE showcases solar thermal facades for heat pumps

Fraunhofer ISE has developed solar thermal facade panels that function as heat pump sources in buildings. The solution is made of ultra-high-performance concrete for aesthetic architectural facades.


Viessmann adds Wallbox to PV-battery-heat pump package

Viessmann’s new sub-distribution system links various components and connects them to the power grid. Its Wallbox has a charging capacity of 11 kW (three-phase) and is equipped with a 7.5-meter “Type 2” charging cable.


Toshiba combines heat pumps, rooftop PV, storage in residential home

Japan’s Toshiba has shared the results of a “future-proof” housing project in the United Kingdom. It combined two 11 kW air-source heat pumps in a five-bedroom house in Chester, England, with a 16 kW PV system and an 11 kW battery. The property is reportedly energy neutral in the summer months.


Canada launches cold climate heat pump rebate scheme

The government of Canada announced it is now accepting applications for its Oil to Heat Pump Affordability Program. Eligible low-to-middle-income Canadian households currently heating their homes with oil can apply for an upfront payment of up to CAD 10,000 ($7,413) toward purchasing and installing a new, electric, air-source cold climate heat pump.


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