Commercial & Industrial PV

Brazil: over 10,000 PV systems are now installed under net metering

The combined capacity of these installations has reached approximately 78 MW. The state with the highest number of PV systems under net metering is Minas Gerais.

Denmark: solar without incentives is possible, but bureaucracy is killing it

Interview: Denmark is planning a future without incentives for solar and renewables, after abruptly closing the “transitional” incentive program for PV installations up to 400 kW in December. The Danish PV market, meanwhile, has now come to a halt. pv magazine asked Peter Ahm, the CEO of PA Energy and Danish representative to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA’s) PV Power Systems Programme, how the Danish solar market can further grow in the short and long term without subsidies.

Jordan’s thriving net metering PV sector welcomes new 16.5 MW system

A few days after reporting on Jordan’s largest net metering PV system of 17 MW capacity, it appears that a new system of just 500 KW less capacity is also under way. Jordan’s commercial net metering PV sector appears to be on an encouraging upward trajectory.

Italy opens ancillary services market to pilot renewable energy and storage projects

The project is the initial stage of an organic reform of the Italian ancillary services market, which is expected to be implemented in accordance with the European balancing code.

SMA holds firm as inverter revenue leader, with Huawei topping shipment charts, says IHS Markit

Latest market data from analysts shows that Huawei shipped the most inverters last year, followed by Sungrow, while SMA, Huawei and SolarEdge pulled in the most revenue worldwide.

Malaysia releases net metering guidelines

The Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) has published guidelines for the new net metering scheme the Malaysian authorities launched in January 2016 to replace the feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme, which will close at the end of this year.

Italy issues new regulation to promote solar and renewables in non-interconnected islands

The new rules will apply to the country’s 20 minor islands that have no connection with the national grid. Solar installation will be entitled to receive a premium tariff for both injected and self-consumed power.

China installs 7.2 GW of solar in Q1

The 7.21 GW of fresh capacity that was completed in the January-March period marks an increase of just 70 MW from the first three months of 2016, according to the National Energy Administration (NEA).


EU greenlights France’s new regulation (and FIT) for residential and commercial PV

The European Commission has approved three initiatives of the French government aimed at supporting renewable energies. One of these is the new regulation for residential and commercial PV, which includes a 20-year FIT for power injected into the grid.


Jordan to host Middle East’s largest net metering PV of 17 MW capacity

Lafarge Cement Jordan has signed a contract to build a 17 MW photovoltaic plant, which upon completion, pv magazine understands, will be the Middle East’s largest net metering project.