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Teralight announces 314 MW of new solar in Israel

Teralight, via its Solar Tech subsidiary, plans to install new solar fences, rooftops, walls and aquaculture PV projects across Israel. The projects will be built in dozens of villages.

Novel AI-based tech to identify rooftop solar systems from aerial images

The model utilizes deep learning and image processing techniques and is said to offer “superior performance.” In the future, it might be able to differ between panels of PV and solar thermal systems.


Israel surpasses 2.2 GW of rooftop PV capacity

New figures from the Israeli authorities show that the country continues to deploy rooftop PV systems at a rapid pace. New rooftop installations hit 703 MW in 2022, up significantly from 537 MW in 2021 and 296 in 2020.


US community solar to exceed 6 GW in 2023

Following a suppressed 2022, US community solar is expected to have an upward trajectory, boosted by new state laws, the implementation of billions in grant money from the Inflation Reduction Act, and the smoothing of bumps in the supply chain.


Breaking through ‘status quo bias’ with co-designed solar power plants

A group of Dutch researchers assessed the impact of including stakeholder input in the design process of solar power plants. It found that a co-designed approach may help counter the resistance of local inhabitants and result in more positive evaluations of the project.


Financing implementation of solar energy solutions in the Pacific Island countries

The International Solar Alliance said that securing financing for renewable energy projects in Pacific Island Countries (PIC) may be complex due to the need for stand-alone solar energy systems and mini-grids, which to be viable for larger investments would require aggregation at a sectoral or programmatic level to become feasible. In its monthly column for pv magazine, the organization describes the types of finance required to scale technologies.

Building to last in the Global South

PV initiatives should be designed to last, as several well-meaning off-grid solar projects for the developing world have floundered over the years.

Italian startup offers solar kits packed in barrels

Italy’s Barrel claims that solar kits packed in barrels are ideal for remote areas and conflict zones. Its standard packages consist of 6 kW solar modules, 5.6 kW single-phase hybrid inverters, and 3.55 kWh lithium batteries.


Engie unit to build 60 minigrids in Zambia

MySol Grid Zambia, a subsidiary of Engie Energy Access (EEA), has secured $7.5 million of debt from the Facility for Energy Inclusion (FEI) to build 60 minigrids. The projects will provide electricity to more than 40,000 people in rural areas.

Japanese provider launches new aluminum cables for PV systems

Japan-based GBP said its new cables are complying with several international standards. It claims the cables have an antitheft function, as they should discourage copper thieves from approaching a PV system.

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