Modules & Upstream Manufacturing

Three-dimensional inspection

The new Traqu 3D inspection and measuring system by Essemtec allows for 3D metrology to professionals in the photovoltaics industry.

Six lasers, one commonality

Trumpf is set to introduce its TruMark Series 6000 at this year’s EU PVSEC.
It consists of six different, special lasers, which have one common trait: a high power and beam quality combined to produce a laser light of high brilliance.

Screw-free click installation

Mounting Systems offers the Sigma installation system for ground-mounted installation of laminates and framed modules. To reduce Sigma’s installation time even more, the company has now developed the Pi track, which it is introducing at EU PVSEC.

Edge-sealing with hot-melt

The HMA system by German based Gerold automatically applies liquid butyl (hot-melt) to enable the edge sealing of photovoltaic modules. This function is typically applied to frameless thin film modules.

Flexibility in production

The new metallization line by Dek Solar, the Eclipse platform, is said to be very flexible according to the company.

Rainproof in-roof system

At EU PVSEC, Gehrlicher Solar is presenting its in-roof system Gehrtec Intra, which is completely integrated into the roof and, according to the company, completely rainproof.

Vacuum test centre

Heraeus Noblelight has created a vacuum test chamber in its in-house Application Centre in Kleinostheim. The test centre allows for pressures of 1000 millibars up to 10-6 millibars can be generated according to customer requirements.

A universal composition

The PIA Nova is Von Ardenne’s universal composition, a machinery platform for sputtering contact and precursor layers for solar cells.

Contactless temperature measurement

Raytek is presenting contactless temperature measuring units for cell and module production at EU PVSEC. Infrared sensors, line scanners, and thermal cameras allow for continuous real-time temperature supervision.

Aerospace metallurgy for sputtering

Indium Corporation is to introduce its copper-gallium rotary sputtering target. The targets are made by Indium Corporation’s vertically integrated proprietary process utilizing aerospace powder metallurgy technology.

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