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Greece prepares for more retroactive PV cuts

Greece’s Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (YPEKA) is expected to introduce retroactive photovoltaic feed-in tariff cuts to parliament. The goal is to reduce the burgeoning RES Fund deficit, which is forecast to almost triple by the end of 2014 on the back of significant photovoltaic growth.

Germany: Severe renewable energy cuts planned

Germany’s Environment and Economy Ministers aim to save over €1.8 billion over the next year. One proposal will see all photovoltaic installations bigger than 150 kW, which are connected to the German grid from August 1, sell generated electricity directly to the market.

PV 2013: No guts, no glory

Photovoltaics will see expansion during 2013, but those who are looking to invest globally must study the landscape and take astute risks – exemplifying the attitude, “No guts, no glory.” A local presence in key developed regions, including the U.S., Japan and China, will pay dividends, according to Lux Research, particularly in terms of distributed generation.

Indian trade war a costly distraction

The Indian solar market appeared to have some momentum until it initiated an anti-dumping investigation against China, Malaysia, Taiwan and the U.S. For a solar market still in its infancy, starting a trade war could become a costly distraction when the focus should be to encourage new technologies, competition and free markets.

Norway: New chairman offers hope for REC

A typically horrendous set of fourth-quarter and full year figures from Norwegian solar manufacturer Renewable Energy Corporation (REC) was enough to see off chairman Jens Ulltveit-Moe. HIs replacement, Mimi K Berdal told pv magazine she is confident the market will turn – she just doesn’t know when.

SunPower announces positive results

SunPower has announced bullish full year results for 2012 and an optimistic forecast for 2013, despite seeing net losses in the final three months of the year burgeon by almost US$100 million.

Spanish associations to start legal action against PV FIT decreases

Four renewable energy associations in Spain have joined forces to oppose implementation of the Spanish government’s new decree, which “retroactively aggravates initial investment conditions” for developers of photovoltaic installations and other renewable energy plants.

EU complaints lodged against Greece’s retroactive renewable energy tax

Greece-based Metaxas and Associates Law Firm has lodged two complaints with the European Commission against the retroactive taxes applied to renewable energy systems in Greece. Meanwhile, rumors abound that the Greek government is considering more retroactive cuts.

US requests WTO consultation over Indian solar DCR

The U.S. has requested World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute settlement consultations with the Indian Government regarding India’s solar photovoltaic domestic content requirements (DCR). Industry association SEIA has come out in support of the move.

330 GW of global PV capacity predicted by 2020

The sky is the limit for photovoltaic market growth, which is expected to more than triple by 2020, according to a report just released by London-based research firm GlobalData. It says growth is being stimulated by two major forces. Challenges are present, however, including issues over existing grid infrastructure.

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