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Insolvency proceedings against Signet Solar open

The Saxonian company is already in talks with potential investors. For the time being, production at the Signet Solar facility keeps running. Dismissals are not in the plans at the moment.

Sanyo first to sign PV cycle participation contract

Sanyo Component Europe has announced that it is the first manufacturer to sign a binding participation agreement with PV CYCLE, an organization aimed to establish a structure for recycling of PV modules.

Conergy plans 20 large projects in Greece

Conergy has concluded the largest framework agreement in Greek solar energy history with investment from a major Greek investor. The plans are set to take off from 2011 onwards.

Recovery Act jump starts American clean energy

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden unveiled a new report last week on how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is investing USD$100 billion in scientific research and advances in technology. The report, ‘The Recovery Act: Transforming the American Economy through Innovation’, highlights that this is to jumpstart the renewable energy sector.

Record for UK home solar panel installations

According to U.K. energy regulator, Ofgem, 2,257 British homes in August have been fitted with solar panels. This is a jump from 1,700 in July and 1,400 in June, reports BBC News.

Discussion: PV policy, lawsuits and a checklist for project development

Photovoltaics (PV) project developers must create their own formulas for tackling a fragmented market – and they have to do it while dealing with the fast-paced changes in technologies and polices. That was the sentiment expressed by a panel discussion held in the U.S. last week, which was organized, in part, by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Trina Solar.

juwi Solar to add 500 new jobs as part of worldwide expansion

Germany-based juwi Solar has said it will create 500 new jobs until 2012. Almost half of them will be located in Germany, which is currently the company’s “most important” market.

Greece lifts PV legal barriers

Greece’s Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change has signed two new Ministerial Decisions, which have helped to “satisfy some of the photovoltaics (PV) sector’s demands regarding the uplift of certain legal-administrative barriers”, according to PV Legal.

Report: Three "key" US states to account for 48 percent of country’s PV market by 2012

Three key states will account for 48 percent of the U.S.’s total photovoltaics (PV) market, according to a new report issued by EuPD Research. Aimed at helping the industry understand the downstream PV market, it added that Arizona “could evolve into one of the most important markets in the coming years”.

Research: Ontario’s solar market set to prosper, but local sourcing mandate could limit growth

Aggressive government incentives are set to trigger “booming” growth in solar installations in Ontario, Canada, this year, but regulations requiring the use of locally sourced photovoltaics (PV) products will cause the expansion to slow dramatically next year, according to market research firm iSuppli Corp.

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