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Germany: Changes to FITs, still an open discussion

The discussion on the implementation of the FITs reductions on a staggered basis throughout the year carries on. BSW-Solar’s Carsten Körnig still sees predictability of returns on investment for rooftop PV installations, but it remains hard to predict what’s in store for large-scale PV development.

Lux Research reveals top ten cell manufacturers

Lux Research’s latest Solar Supply Tracker analysis names the top ten cell manufacturers. It also reveals that demand in Europe is on the rise, but European manufacturers are having problems remaining cost competitive.

China-US trade dispute: The process continues

Jeffries organized another conference call with trade law expert Ed Lebow on January 18 and Lebow’s clear message to the PV industry in the U.S. was that “you just don’t want to be an importer of record” of Chinese crystalline silicon cells and panels.

Polysilicon 2012-2016

GTM Research reports on the global polysilicon industry stating that a major shakeout over the next two years is likely to occur.

Zayed Future Energy Prize announces winners

Zayed Future Energy Prize, today, announced its 2012 awards winners from the World Future Energy Summit, distributing USD3.5 million to winners and runners-up across three categories.

Christmas card gone wrong

In what may cause a headache for SolarWorld, a Christmas card sent from the German branch of the company has caused outrage amongst some Chinese-American’s involved in the photovoltaic industry. The card features an Asian caricature with a Fu Manchu mustache dressed in a Santa suit.

Q4 module price increase

In a price move that hasn’t been seen for some time, photovoltaic module prices increased in the fourth quarter of 2011, according to figures published today by IMS Research.

SolarWorld AG holiday card has "Santa Flaws"

Instead of Christmas cheer, SolarWorld AG of Germany apparently sent out a Christmas sneer this season—a not-very-backhanded affront to its Chinese solar industry competitors.

UK: FIT cuts clarity emerges

The British Government has introduced a plan to lower photovoltaic feed-in tariffs (FIT) with effect from March 3, 2012.

Germany: Monthly cuts of FITs planned

The suggestion has been put forth to reduce photovoltaic feed-in tariffs on a monthly basis instead of a half-yearly one. Via this solution, the Federal Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen hopes to prevent anymore occurrences of final spurts of PV installations, like it happened in December 2011.

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