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Germany: First meeting of the Photovoltaics Innovation Alliance

Over 100 scientists are meeting in Germany’s capital today to discuss the interim results of their research and development projects, funded by the Photovoltaics Innovation Alliance. The goal is solar power cost reductions.

Wind-solar hybrid plants up to twice as efficient

Solar and wind power generation complement each other better than previously thought, according to a study released by the Reiner Lemoine Institut and Solarpraxis AG.

Germany: New PV research lab opens in Berlin

The Free University of Berlin and the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin (HZB) has opened a new laboratory for photovoltaic research in the German capital.

Israel: Hydrogen-bromine flow battery goes online

EnStorage Inc. has developed the first ever grid-connected hydrogen-bromine (HBr) flow battery with its 50 kW battery connection at the company’s test site in southern Israel. The battery is said to provide up to 100 kWh of storage capacity.

Australia: Research shows fully renewable system possible

New research from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia has drawn the conclusion that a “fully renewable” electricity system could not only be possible but cost effective. Key to the research, is that the study factors in a carbon price between AUD50 – AUD100/ton, which would make even the most efficient coal-fired plants cost uncompetitive.

Organic solar substrate that literally grows on trees

Researchers have published results showing that organic solar cells can be produced on cellulose nanocrystal substrates (CNC). The cells are easily recyclable and are being touted as the first solar cells from materials that literally grow on trees.

Singulus Technologies and M-Cells to cooperate on cell production

PV equipment producer Singulus Technologies and solar cell manufacturer M-Cells have signed a letter of intent to expand technological cooperation for commercial production of crystalline silicon cells.

Solar fire and theft protection

Fires and theft have become growing problems for the solar industry. Leto Solar is now waiting for a patent for its H?MOS technology which, the company claims, enables the development of solar panels with capabilities to combat these problems.

$50m for US electric vehicle development projects

The U.S. Department of Energy is funding research into battery development and more efficient convertors and capacitors for use in advanced electric vehicles.

Dyesol secures $4 million from Saudi firm

Dyesol Limited has secured strategic investment from The National Industrialization Company of Saudi Arabia, or Tasnee, worth AU$4 million. Potential to expand this investment to $20 million exists. Meanwhile, R&D collaboration and demonstration projects in the Middle East are up for discussion.

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