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MXenes-based perovskite solar cell achieves 23.66% efficiency

A UK-Chinese research group claims to have achieved remarkable efficiency and stability for a solar cell based on an electron transport layer doped with two-dimensional titanium carbide (Ti3C2Tx). The champion cell has an efficiency of 23.66%, an open-circuit voltage of 1.095 V, a short-circuit current of 25.07 mA/cm2, and fill factor of 83.18%.


IEA PVSP predicts high-cost, low-revenue scenario for solar recycling

A recent report by the International Energy Agency Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA PVSP) reviews the current regulatory and industrial landscape for end-of-life PV management in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, China, Australia, and the United States.


Reliance New Energy invests in US perovskite solar startup Caelux

The new energy unit of Reliance Industries has signed an agreement to acquire a 20% stake in California-based perovskite solar startup Caelux for $12 million.


Navitas unveils 605 W monocrytalline PERC solar module

The Indian solar manufacturer has unveiled the 60 5 W Bonito Max panel featuring 156 half-cells and a 10-busbar design. The new product has a power conversion efficiency of up to 21.64%.

Canadian Solar presents all-in-one residential battery inverter solution

The new product is available in four versions with a storage capacity ranging from 9.9 to 19.9 kWh. The battery inverter comes with a 10-year warranty and can reportedly provide steady operation for up to 6,000 charge cycles.


Prospects for Ruddlesden–Popper perovskite solar cells

A research group in the Netherlands has analyzed different manufacturing techniques for two-dimensional Ruddlesden–Popper perovskite solar cells. These cells offer improved photostability and environmental stability compared with their three-dimensional counterparts.


BYD to produce 22.2% efficient n-type TOPCon solar modules in Brazil

The Chinese manufacturer said the modules will have a nominal power of 575 W and a temperature coefficient of -0.32% per C.


Sunpower launches two new batteries for residential applications

The two batteries have a storage capacity of 13 and 19.5 kWh, respectively. Both lithium-ion systems use LiFePO4 as the cathode material and have a round-trip efficiency of over 86%.


HDF Energy wants to build utility scale solar hydrogen project in Namibia

The project consists of an 85 MW solar park and a green hydrogen production unit. The facility should begin commercial operations in 2024.


Vehicle-integrated solar kit may reduce frequency of recharging by 14%

Developed by the French research institute Liten, the prototype kit consists of a 145 W photovoltaic panel, a magnetic rear panel, and an MPPT charge controller. It also includes a battery and a micro-inverter that can be used to inject the stored energy into the grid when the vehicle is recharged.


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