Technology and R&D

Total invests in semiconductor, PV research

The parent company of SunPower and the French National Research Agency have launched a new initiative aimed at developing new plasma processing methods for semiconductors and solar PV.

US: Trump proposes 72% cut to DOE’s clean energy research

U.S. President Donald J. Trump has asked Congress to take a machete to the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) renewable energy and energy efficiency programs to even lower levels than he proposed last year – cuts likely avoided because of Congressional incompetence.

Hanergy’s Solibro achieves 18.72% CIGS module efficiency record

TÜV Rheinland has confirmed the efficiency record, achieved by the German subsidiary of Chinese thin film manufacturer, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Limited.


NREL hits new milestone in reducing perovskite degradation

Scientists from the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory have a created a perovskite solar cell, which retained 94% of its initial efficiency after 1,000 hours of constant operation under ambient air conditions.

Researchers double life of lithium-ion batteries by adding graphene girders

By reinforcing the anode’s structure with graphene girders, researchers at the U.K.’s University of Warwick have found an effective approach to replacing graphite in the anodes using silicon, thus boosting the capacity of lithium-ion batteries, and more than doubling lifespans.

Berkeley Lab researchers develop perovskite ‘smart window’ material

Scientists from the renowned U.S. Berkeley Laboratory have discovered a perovskite material, which can be used in photovoltaic glass applications, and can be switched between transparent and non-transparent without diminishing its electronic properties.

AEE outlines key cyber security threats, as energy goes digital

A new report published by the U.S. Advanced Energy Economy Institute (AEE) identifies the biggest threats, and challenges for regulators, policymakers, technology providers and other players in protecting rapidly evolving energy systems from cyberattacks.

Scientists develop porous scaffold to boost battery capacity

Researchers from Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering worked with a graphene structure, the particles of which resemble ‘crumpled paper balls’, and have created a scaffold onto which lithium atoms can be deposited.

NREL scientists observe perovskite degradation at nano-scale

A team from the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has developed a novel microscopic technique, which enables them to observe degradation in perovskite materials at the nano-scale, and pinpoint key areas for attention in their efforts to improve the stability and durability of the material.

Longi achieves record conversion rate of 20.41% for PERC modules

Longi Green Energy Technology has announced a new record conversion rate of 20.41% for its P-type PERC monocrystalline modules (type 60).