China Trade Investigations


China trade investigations

Since the U.S., Europe and India launched PV trade investigations into China, the People’s Republic has responded in kind, launching a range of investigations against various countries. Below is a list of related news.





Nov. 1, 2012, China launches EU polysilicon anti-dumping investigation

China’s Ministry of Commerce has launched an investigation into European imports of solar grade polysilicon. Read full story





Aug. 20, 2012, China’s polysilicon producers urge EU dumping probe

Four Chinese polysilicon producers have urged the Chinese government to initiate an anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigation into European imports of solar grade polysilicon. Read full story



Jul. 23, 2012, China launches AD probes against USA and South Korea

China announced on July 20 it would launch countervailing duty (CVD) and anti-dumping (AD) investigations against the U.S. solar industry, as well as an AD case against South Korea. Read full story




Jun.25, 2012, China: Probable duties on silicon

Chinese polysilicon producers are allegedly putting pressure on their government to impose duties on U.S. imports. Read full story


May 25, 2012, China retaliates, finds US in violation of free-trade rules

China’s Ministry of Commerce has identified five U.S. states which have violated free-trade rules. Read full story





Nov. 25, 2011, Polysilicon latest trade war victim

China is conducting an inquiry into illegal polysilicon dumping and subsidies into the country by the U.S. Read full story


Nov. 25, 2011, China launches US renewable energy trade investigation

It has been reported that China will be investigating U.S. renewable energy policy support and subsidies. Read full story