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4th Quality Roundtable at Solar Power International in Las Vegas

roundtable4_invitation_final_01_d9aca9c345Following the success of the 3rd Quality Roundtable at Intersolar EU, the last Roundtable, co-located at the SPI show in Las Vegas, September 14 2016, examined poor quality cases from the field and determined who’s to blame for the inferior quality: installer, developer, manufacturer or material provider.

The fourth pv magazine Quality Roundtable, the first in the United States, took place last week during the Solar Power International trade show in Las Vegas. The meeting revealed that experts in the U.S. market also regard hot spots as a serious issue. It highlighted that in parts of the U.S. there are projects in which everything that can go wrong, did go wrong.

Another key issue discussed during the Roundtable was how investors can find a trustworthy EPC, particularly in an emerging solar state.

Manufacturing processes and the bill of materials is also a key factor when it comes to ensuring quality. George Touloupas, the Director of Technology and Quality at Clean Energy Associates, a gold sponsor of the event, said that tariff changes, funding deadlines, and the ebbs and flows of the production side of the PV industry can result in practices and quality varying greatly. These differences can occur between manufacturers but even within one company or production site over time!

Download material and a video report is available on our US-website.

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3rd Quality Roundtable at Intersolar Europe


The third pv magazine quality roundtable took place at Intersolar Europe 2016 in Munich:

  • special focus 1: We continue wiping out the black sheep
  • special focus 2: “Building a Sustainable Future for Solar in Europe”

Presentations for download:

Stephan Padlewski, Marketing Manager DuPont Photovoltaic Solutions. DuPont has conducted an extensive field evaluation program and classified 20 causes of module degradation. Download presentation

Markus Feichtner, Director Application Engineering, ISOVOLTAIC. Isovoltaic produces backsheets and will provide an evaluation of how to best satisfy all various resource demands of the module manufacturer and the plant investor.

Samir Merzoug, CEO Suncycle. Suncycle provides insights about the approach and results of quality checks through on-site testing before construction and during operation. Download presentation

George Touloupas, Director of Technology and Quality at CEA. How to protect your investment from relying on 25 year PV module warranties? CEA provides 3rd party Quality Assurance oversight and best practices to solve the problems at the source. Download presentation

See report from pv magazine’s quality roundtable at Intersolar Europe 2016

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2nd Quality Roundtable at Forum Solarpraxis 2015

See Conclusions from pv magazine quality roundtable event in Berlin in November 2015

Report in German language.


1st Quality Roundtable at Intersolar Europe 2015

See Conclusions from pv magazine quality roundtable event in Munich in June 2015

Report on what module quality means, why it is important and what steps can be take to assure quality.