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Magazine Archive 01-2016

Solar incentives overview

Feed-in tariffs: Many changes to incentive schemes have taken place across the globe since pv magazine ’s last update nine months ago. In response, this section has been renamed to better reflect the shift away from the feed-in tariff model toward the breadth of financing schemes now available.

Tapping Tanzania’s potential

Battery storage: A solution to emerging markets’ growing energy needs, battery storage is beginning to deliver on its promise and potential in many parts of rural Africa. Stefanie Werler and Franziska Kohler of GIZ reveal how solar+storage could solve Tanzania’s energy problems with a little forethought and planning.

65 GW for 2016

Global solar forecast: Mercom Capital’s Raj Prabhu dissects which solar markets are set to shape the PV landscape next year, pushing cumulative global installations to almost 65 GW in the process.

The Middle East and solar: high potential, slow progress

Middle East analysis: The opportunities that the Middle East region holds for solar are vast. But culturally, politically and financially, there remain varying degrees of challenges, particularly for international investors and project developers seeking entry into these markets.

A good COP show

COP21: The ‘success’ of the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris last December was predicated on the notion that this really is our last chance to save the planet, so something had to be done. However, the growing viability of solar power, and its acceptance globally, is a tangible cause for optimism.

The tiger on the path

China curtailment: Debilitating, inherent, and seemingly insurmountable – China’s inability to connect to the grid up to 10% of completed solar PV capacity is a serious cause for concern. But with this and other PV predators laying in wait, the government has a clear target to aim for if it wishes to ensure its renewable energy goals are met.

A return to market-driven pricing

Global manufacturing: There is a likelihood that a substantial supply-demand imbalance may reappear in 2017 following capacity expansions to take place this year. EnergyTrend’s Corrine Lin investigates the pricing trends, manufacturing announcements and draws some conclusions as to what we can expect from 2016.

Africa – solar’s new frontier

Off-grid Africa: While the supporters of fossil fuels like to portray solar electricity as being a luxury affordable only in rich nations, its transformative power in the Global South is emerging at pace. Interestingly, business models along with technology are proving crucial in driving this change and Headwall Power’s Brad Meikle takes an inside look at one of the leaders.

Aiming high: Dubai’s rooftop solar sector

Rooftop solar: Dubai has launched an extremely ambitious renewable energy program including a goal to install solar PV on all suitable roofs by 2030. However, questions remain as to how the Emirate can reach its lofty goals.

Don’t sweat it

Inverters in hot climates: Heat, dust and humidity can be fatal for solar inverters. But as the PV industry inches deeper into the world’s sunbelt regions – bringing ever greater thermal stresses to bear on components – pv magazine learns that poor production will kill an inverter far quicker than any weather type can.

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