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Magazine Archive 01 - 2021

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November 2020 results

Made in MENA

Despite big ambitions and even bigger projects being built across the region, PV manufacturing in the Middle East has never got off the ground. In Saudi Arabia, however, one manufacturer is realizing plans for a gigawatt-scale module factory. Over the next five years, Desert Technologies plans to bring 3 GW of heterojunction production to the Kingdom. pv magazine takes a look at the challenges facing PV manufacturers in Saudi Arabia, and the opportunities the nation may hold.

Stepping up storage in the US

The U.S. storage market is booming. But while the solar PV industry has come a long way, with decades of deployment to look back on, battery energy storage is still coming of age. And when things move fast, things can go wrong. At pv magazine’s Virtual Roundtables USA event in late-November 2020, experts raised the challenges that accompany opportunities for battery storage. A move toward greater maturity allows some lessons to be learned from solar – leveling up energy storage will require commitment from the sector with standards, testing, and quality performance.

No dummies as Chase cuts through solar’s jargon

There’s more to read in the solar world than pv magazine alone, as much as we may hate to admit it. Looking back across some of the industry’s seminal works, leading analyst Jenny Chase’s 2019 book is too valuable, and entertaining, to be ignored.

pv magazine Events 2021

In 2020, we welcomed a host of amazing speakers, partners, and participants to our events. We also successfully transitioned our live events from in-person experiences to virtual platforms to continue our meaningful conversations and sharing of knowledge, despite the global pandemic.

Final thought – MENA solar comes into focus

Ahmed S. Nada, president, Middle East Solar Industry Association

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