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Magazine Archive 02-2015

Costs and benefits of monitoring

System management: The smaller a PV plant, the harder it is to implement economically feasible power plant management. Manfred Bächler, the General Director of Pervorm, explains the key considerations in technical management of small and medium-sized PV plants under 100 kWp.

Recycling the whole module

Sustainable PV: In part two of pv magazine’s investigation of module recycling, the attention remains on the backsheet and how, in a cost-competitive environment, fluoropolymers continue to pose a largely hidden challenge.

Daring to dream

Solar flight: Solar panels have been a ubiquitous sight on satellites since the dawn of space travel, but their use thus far has only ever been secondary to more traditional power sources. Solar Impulse, however, hopes to break these boundaries when it embarks on the world’s first round-the-world, solar-powered-only flight in March. pv magazine gets up close and personal with the craft – and crew – attempting this historic feat.

Smart storage to power the Smarthome

Storage and the Smarthome: PV, batteries, and consumer electronics are coming together to deliver innovative solutions for the homeowner. It is capturing imaginations, but can it capture the future of residential energy?

Drastic feed-in tariff reform planned

Japan: Izumi Kaizuka of RTS Corporation reports on the first major revision of the feed-in tariff program in Japan.

Struggling utilities

Electric utilities: European utilities are struggling to adapt to a shifting market and investment landscape. As a result, policy-makers struggle to find new solutions in securing sufficient capacity reserves to integrate intermittent renewable power and avoid power outages. A pan-European electricity market could be an answer to this problem, but national governments seem more interested in protecting their home markets from competition.

Dynamic market or missed opportunity?

WFES 2015: the MENA region has long attracted the attention of the global solar industry as a collection of national markets with enormous potential. The question of whether the market will live up to its hype or remain an enormous missed opportunity is still unclear, but it does appear that now is the time for this debate to be met head on.

The disruptor and the disrupted

There’s a high-pitched whirr, an imperceptible delay, and then you feel as if you are being launched into orbit. Putting my foot down in the Tesla Model S is an experience I won’t forget any time soon. I took one for a test drive at the 15th Forum Solarpraxis, held in Berlin last November, and […]

Energizing O & M in the United States

Operations & maintenance: The U.S. PV industry has shown it knows how to build distributed solar and massive power plants alike – but the need to operate and maintain them is creating new challenges and opportunities.

UK’s commercial breakthrough

Interview: Backed by government support and increasingly attractive to developers, the U.K. solar sector is evolving and 2015 could see commercial PV take center stage, says Lauren Cook of IHS.

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