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Magazine Archive 05-2014

Global FIT overview

Feed-in tariffs: Greece’s government joins the ranks of a number of European nations that have passed aggressive retroactive measures devastating investors. Germany is set to establish a 50% surcharge on renewable energy producers. Asia also sees falling FITs in Japan and Malaysia.

Third-party ownership taking hold in Australia

Australia: Echoing the success of third-party ownership models in the U.S., there is evidence that new financing models in the Australian rooftop PV market will emerge. Even as state-based support schemes are wound back, the fundamentals for solar in Australia remain strong. Elena Baši? of DNV GL Renewables Advisory (formerly GL Garrad Hassan) discusses the potential for third-party models in Australia, examining possible structures and experiences to date.

Increased funding activity fuels strong first quarter

Venture capital forecast: The solar industry is coming off a strong 2013 and looking for an even better 2014. Preliminary numbers indicate that global installations topped 37 GW for 2013 – a solid 21% growth year-over-year. Another 20%-plus growth year is in the making as Raj Prabhu, CEO and cofounder of Mercom Capital Group, forecasts 2014 demand to be about 46 GW.

Local heroes

Small PV systems in the grid: If small solar PV systems are to be a model of success, they must also be capable of grid integration. Christoph Winter, a photovoltaic systems technician at Fronius, explains how a grid test in Austria is solving this problem. And one thing becomes clear: Just a few simple, local control systems in the inverter can do a lot.

Managing variable renewable energy

Interview: pv magazine caught up with Simon Müller, energy analyst in the renewable division at the International Energy Agency, to discuss the themes explored in the IEA’s latest publication, the Power of Transformation, which outlines ways to fully incorporate renewable energy into global power generation structures.

Minnesota aims for a grand solar bargain

Solar tariffs: The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission approved a new “Value of Solar” methodology as alternative to net metering. An analysis by Sara Bergan, energy law attorney at the business law firm Stoel Rives, and Jon Wellinghoff, partner in Stoel Rives and the former chair of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in the US.

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