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Magazine Archive 05-2018

Keys to half-cut cells

Half-cut cell production: From novel, to niche, and now approaching mainstream: In 2018 half-cut cell modules appear to be making the transition common to many new technologies with PV manufacturing. And in echoes of other technologies such as PERC, once the transition begins, it can occur at pace across new production lines.

Half-cut, fully explained

Half-cut cells: There can be no denying the proliferation of half-cut cell solar technology across the PV landscape. And while the industry is increasingly comfortable with, and eager for, half-cut solutions, it will no doubt welcome a refresher in the technology itself. Enter Shankar Sridhara, VP Technology at REC, to lend a hand.

Quality-tuned production equals efficiency

Automated optical inspection: Vitronic’s Head of PV Sales Richard Moreth sets out how advanced automatic optical inspection (AOI) systems can deliver cost reductions.

The glue that holds it together

Shingled modules and ECA: Though by no means a new innovation, shingled cell technology is seeing renewed interest among many module manufacturers. As well as a desire among manufacturers to differentiate their products through novel use of technology, increased availability of electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) is cited as a major driver for the revamp.

Europe’s decentralization journey

From grid defection to interaction: Frauke Thies, Executive Director of smartEn, explains how uncovering market opportunities for prosumers across Europe is growing in sophistication and significance as more solar power is added across the continent.

Hype or hope?

Storage applications: Energy storage is certainly paving the way for new energy business models in Europe. But how does one separate hype from reality in this seemingly endless sea of ‘new energy’ innovations? Valts Grintals of Delta-ee dips a toe into turbid waters to find out.

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