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Magazine Archive 07-2011

Assembly Bill 32

California: What does California’s climate plan mean for photovoltaics? At a time when the U.S. seems far from a national strategy to promote renewable energy, with Congress holding hearings on the supposed flaws of global-warming science, California is moving forward alone.

PV at sixty degrees

PV in the Middle East: The countries of the Arabian peninsula are carrying out more and more research on the use of solar energy. The industry is getting into position and competing for the first reference projects. However, some patience is still needed. And time for a nice cup of tea and a chat.

Chinese panels dominate the winners’ podium

Industry ranking: Chinese crystalline module manufacturers have further developed their dominant position. They are scoring big through size and less expensive production. But even they are facing new difficulties: manufacturing is becoming more expensive and it is not at all certain that they will be able to sell the amount of modules that they plan to produce.

Solar glass for solar industry

India: India is a huge and emerging market for the solar power production, thanks in part to the government’s ambitious Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) announced in 2009. The Solar Mission has set a goal of 20 gigawatts (GW) of on-grid installed solar capacity by 2022. How is the glass industry developing in the country and are foreign manufacturers needed to cater to the market?

Coming of age

Dear readers, Is it worth regretting the passing of one’s youth? Certainly not in the case of photovoltaic technology. With its coming of age, the really exciting times for solar electricity are just getting started. And the amount of time required before the industry reaches maturity is already in sight. This was an impression underscored […]

Space for mega-projects

Turkey: A new subsidy law for solar power went into effect in Turkey at the beginning of the year. At about ten euro cents, the tariff is significantly smaller than some expected. However, several solar industry players believe that the production of solar energy in Turkey will pay off – with or without attractive subventions.

Concentrating on concentrators

Interview: He’s the one that brought photovoltaics to sunny Spain. Under Antonio Luque’s stewardship, the Institute of Solar Energy at the Madrid Polytechnic University (IES/UPM) became one of the world’s leading academic institutions in photovoltaics. John Perlin spoke with Antonio Luque in Madrid.

Spot market for PV panels: Market revival

Module prices: Falling prices accelerate demand. Still, it could take months until stocks have been diminished.

Dream of a solar Sahara

Desertec: At the conference “Desert Power for the People” concerns were raised over Desertec’s possible impact in the Middle Eastern and North African region. Could this be the swan song for the dream of a solar Sahara? The organization disagrees.

Strengthening European fabs

5th SEMI Brussels Forum: How can PV production be maintained in Europe in light of stiff Asian competition? There is no patent remedy. This became clear at the 5th SEMI Brussels Forum, which took place on May 24 in Brussels, Belgium.

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