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Magazine Archive 07-2011

First inventory decrease this year

Lead times: Demand during May and June increased decidedly, and manufacturing lines ordered in 2010 are being taken out of the boxes.

Supplying beyond

Interview: Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Hemlock Semiconductor, one of the leading polysilicon producers, talks to pv magazine about the polysilicon market and the company’s positioning.

Foreign investment welcome

Mozambique: On May 17, the Mozambican Parliament approved the National Programme for New and Renewable Energy for 2011-2025, following the launch of the draft policy in 2009. The government is encouraging investors to explore renewable energy sources in the country in order to assure the electrification of rural communities and reduce the costs of the expansion of the national electricity grid.

The race goes on

Thin film market outlook: In view of dropping silicon prices, the boom years for thin film modules seem to be over for the time being. Now it’s up to companies to develop strategies for a successful future. On the one hand, they could reduce the production costs. Further differentiation is also an option.

From dawn to dusk

Yield comparison: In diffuse light, thin film modules produce more electricity than crystalline thick-film variants and thus return higher annual yields overall. That is the promise made by many manufacturers. Yet current studies by TÜV Rheinland show that this isn’t the case, at least not across the board.

The right price and quality

PV Experts Workshop: Smaller German solar module manufacturers will only be able to survive the competition through greater cooperation between themselves and materials manufacturers, mechanical engineers and other industry participants. This was an important conclusion reached at a PV manufacturers workshop of PV Experts in Berlin.

Generating dollars where there’s no sun

Solar inverter upgrade: A Canadian Engineering Professor has come up with a way to use idle solar inverter capacity in the evening to help relieve congestion on the grid and expand capacity for wind and other renewable sources. If it works as envisioned, it could open up new revenue opportunities for both solar and wind developers and help utilities defer costs.

Under pressure

Ardour Solar Index: Pricing pressure continues to impact margins. High inventory levels persist despite German recovery.

Heard it through the grapevine

Intersolar blogs: Trawling the Intersolar Europe 2011 trade show, both the pv magazine and photovoltaik bloggers worked hard to provide you with the most holistic coverage possible. Read on to discover what they had to say and who won the coveted iPad.

White elephant

Portugal: Despite its status as “Project of National Interest” and approved public funding totaling 128 million euros, businessman Alexandre Alves’s PV factory project, RPP Solar, is battling financing and payment problems.

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