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Magazine Archive 07-2017

Unleashing the sun

Off-grid in Nigeria: With the largest unelectrified population in Africa, Nigeria holds great promise for off-grid solar companies. Progress on electrifying the country can be accelerated by improving government policies.

Back to the front side

Lasers and selective emitters: It was hyped, then more-or-less disappeared from view. The application of processes within crystalline silicon PV cell production to achieve a selective emitter architecture has seen hype and interest evaporate in the face of an evolving technology and market landscape. But the front side process may come surging back in the very near future, as lasers deliver a solar technology blast from the past.

New solar trade war

Tariffs in PV: While tariff-free regions in Southeast Asia tackle head on the challenges that have arisen from legacy and proposed trade barriers, what becomes of Chinese and U.S. manufacturing capabilities and ambitions?

Module maker ranking

c-Si manufacturing: pv magazine partners with the team of solar analysts at IHS Markit to provide figures for the top 10 crystalline silicon module manufacturers, based on 2016 production figures, and examine the state of supply and demand for these top tier players.

Climate for innovation

European cleantech startups: While the cleantech and renewable energy industries enjoy an undeniably global presence in 2017, Europe remains an important center for innovation, and the first testing ground for many new technologies. pv magazine takes a look at the role of startups in the energy transition, and the current climate for young companies on the continent.

When the levee breaks

Solar and delisting: Trina Solar’s departure from the NYSE could signal a wave of solar firms leaving U.S. stock markets. But many uncertainties remain.

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