Magazine Archive 08-2016

“We are the technology driver”

PV production equipment: Meyer Burger has established itself as one the largest technology providers in the solar space, with a suite of technology offerings across production processes. These include PERC upgrade tooling, SmartWire cell interconnection technology, a heterojunction platform and innovative diamond wire solution. But can the Swiss provider compete against the fast rising Chinese rivals? pv magazine spoke to CEO Peter Pauli.

Top-c-Si turvy in the Top Ten

Crystalline silicon module ranking: As every year, pv magazine, via the analysis provided by IHS Research, has listed the top ten crystalline silicon module manufacturers of 2015. Some have left the ranks, others have joined – and one has taken a dive.

“We produce standard wafers directly from the melt”

Wafer technology: The production of PV wafers is a dirty and multi-step process. 1366 Technologies, from outside of Boston, Massachusetts, believes its Direct Wafer technology can simplify and dramatically reduce the costs of wafer production. But step change technology is never easy, particularly amongst the standardized PV landscape. Frank van Mierlo, the CEO of 1366 Technologies, says that the company is well on its way to realizing its ambitious goal.


On the road with pv magazine Where we’ve been: Intersolar North America, San Francisco Conflict? In the U.S. solar industry? An industry that has nurtured innovation, expansion and vast profits for the past few years? So it came to pass at the Intersolar North America exhibition, which opened to a rallying cry by the California […]

“What we focus on is reliability”

Perovskite: It’s been a buzz technology of the last couple of years, perovskites in PV applications. However, much of the research community has struggled to meet the required material stability requirements of the solar industry. Chris Case, the CTO of perovskite developer Oxford PV, believes that his company has made serious headway.

A light that never goes out

Brexit: The shockwaves and tumult caused by the unexpected decision by the U.K. to vote out of the EU are still being felt, and will be for a long time. With the dust barely settled, various agencies are already at work maneuvering their policies and outlook, with the country’s energy landscape at the sharp end. Solar, and renewables more widely, have opportunities amid the fallout.

A question of quality for European manufacturers

Module production, Europe: In the wake of the third pv magazine Quality Roundtable at Intersolar Europe, pv magazine surveys European module manufacturers about strategy and quality. The question is, what makes Made in Europe attractive to buyers looking for modules for a PV array?

A second half to remember

Cue: a collective sigh of relief. Solar’s silly season has passed. The eight-week crunch of three major solar events in quick succession – the SNEC, Intersolar Europe and Intersolar North America – is now behind us. And it’s summer, in the northern hemisphere at least, so time to take stock and get in some much-needed […]

Adding more strings to the bow

Stringer-tabber equipment: A new generation of stringers are delivering vastly increased throughput on limited fab floorspace. They are also embracing the shift towards four, five and even six busbars. But how can quality be maintained within this crucial process? pv magazine investigates.

And the winner is …

Installation Innovation Award – Europe: presented by pv magazine and Hanwha Q Cells, the Installation Innovation Award identified four nominees chosen for their fresh approaches in bringing solar power to a wider audience. But alas, there could only be one winner …

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