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Magazine Archive 09-2016

Removing barriers

Chile market update: Thousands of solar megawatts could find their way on to the grid with the new Electricity Transmission Law. Interconnection between the two electrical systems aids the opening of the market.


Solar smarts When we talk about intelligent interaction between photovoltaic systems and the electric grid, the inverter is the key piece of hardware. Not only does it convert DC power to AC while matching the voltage, frequency, and phase of the grid, but increasingly inverters are being asked to do more to support the grid, […]

Splitting the O&M

Fleet management: The O&M portion of the U.S. solar business is dependent on factors that differ enough that many analysts now separate the O from the M when discussing the separate business models.


Company Vignettes The Solar-Log 370 is an advanced residential solar PV monitoring device with grid feed-in control. The residential revenue-grade meter combines the Solar-Log monitoring technology with GE’s popular 1-210+ meter. Optional features include automatic incentive reporting, self-consumption metering, inverter direct monitoring for near real-time visualization of plant data, connection to weather sensors, remote disconnect, and […]

A nation on a Mission

India’s National Solar Mission: As the midway point of India’s National Solar Mission approaches, the Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute examines its progress so far, the positive impact it has had, and looks ahead to future challenges and solutions.

Stop building walls

Solar battleground: The war between U.S. utility-scale and distributed solar threatens to undermine the industry’s common goal and play into the hands of naysayers. There is enough sun for all, so PV should stop building walls.


Germany’s Daimler is beginning to use its expertise in the electric vehicle space to deliver high quality storage systems for commercial markets. Go big AND go home Large-scale storage: Germany’s pioneering approach to all things PV has spilled over into battery storage at scale, attracting the attentions of car giant Mercedes-Benz in the process. Alongside […]

Argentina awaits

Utility-scale PV: Is large-scale solar ready to take off in Argentina? As a new pro-renewables government makes its mark, can this fall’s inaugural renewable energy auction begin the process of bringing PV to this vast, energy-hungry nation?

The eyes have it

Visual inspection tooling: Automated optical imaging is becoming a more common feature in PV cell production today. From the color sorting, right through to detailed process control, a range of optical imaging approaches and technologies are shedding the light required to deliver quality, increase average efficiencies, and enhance yield.

Boom time in Texas

Texas at scale: Texas has been only a modest solar market to date, but that is changing fast. A boom started by municipal utilities and enabled by free transmission is expected to lead to a massive amount of utility-scale solar coming online over the next five years, and even more over the next decade.

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