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Magazine Archive 11-2015

Creating a marketplace for quality

Interview: EnergySage CEO Vikram Aggarwal describes how the solar marketplace can be a daunting environment for a first-time solar shopper, and explains to pv magazine how EnergySage constantly reminds itself to think like a consumer in order to ensure its service meets a whole range of needs.

The shuffle continues

Ranking inverter suppliers: Germany’s SMA looks to have put the troubles of 2014 behind it this year, benefiting from Advanced Energy’s exit from the inverter market to increase its share of global revenue, while SolarEdge is the big riser so far in 2015.

Dealing in uncertainty

Solar pricing update: Analysis of the price and market trends that shaped the global cell, module and wafer market over the past few months, provided by Renewable Analytics.

Yieldco meltdown

NYSE Bloomberg Solar Energy Index: Sentiment sours on yieldcos, pulling down index performance. Chinese constituents offset performance from Western peers.

Forecast update: China’s ghost kilowatts

Market revision: Anticipating future growth in the PV industry has never been an exact science, but as regional and market behavior ossifies, it has become easier to make relatively stable assumptions on how certain markets will perform over the next few years. Paula Mints from SPV Market Research reports.


Invisible solar Cloaking technology refracts light around metallization fingers Decreasing the width of PV metallization and interconnection fingers and busbars has long been exploited as an incremental pathway to higher cell and module efficiency. And German researchers now believe that light can be guided around the contacting structures, boosting efficiency. Researchers at the Karlsruhe Institute […]

Keeping it under control

Interview: meteocontrol MD Robert Pfatischer describes to pv magazine how the company’s expansion plans and management strategies have evolved since its acquisition last year by Chinese solar power company Shunfeng.

Leapfrog development model

Adding solar value: The world needs leaders eager to deploy greater volumes of solar not purely because of some environmental duty, but because the technology increasingly makes sense from an economic, performance and development perspective, writes Brad Meikle of Headwall Power International.

Load profiles cry out for a battery storage system

Agriculture: That farmers and industrial operations build PV plants is nothing new. But now, storage systems are becoming a more attractive proposition for them, and the concepts are as individual as the companies themselves.

New criteria, stable prices

Module price index: pvXchange has altered the criteria for its October module price index to reflect European market pricing. There has been little movement of late.

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