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Magazine Archive 11-2016

Solar record-breakers 1/1 ANZEIGE “Comité para el desarrollo de la industria solar Chile”

Middle East: “Solar prices keep falling,” they keep calling, and true to form the markets keep answering. Interestingly, it is the Middle East markets that are making headlines with the lowest priced bids for solar energy projects. The question is, are these projects viable?

Solar stocks suffer

Uncertain times: Solar stocks continue to underperform, with inverter makers feeling the pressure from China. The broader market is slowed by U.S. election fears.

A pressing concern

Glass-glass lamination: The undeniably promising module encapsulation technology is not without its challenges. As producers attempt to scale dual-glass module production, addressing questions of quality, throughput, and yield remain paramount.

Solar survivors

UK solar: Despite a few rays of sunlight every now and then, dark clouds have gathered over Britain’s PV sector, and look set to remain for the near future at least. pv magazine explores the immediate prospects for the U.K. market in 2017 and onwards.

All change but no change

Global PV markets: Gaëtan Masson, Director of the Becquerel Institute, looks at the current market pressures faced by the PV industry. Now that China’s first half boom looks to have come to an end, will any other market be able to fill the gap?

Stored potential

Batteries for Japan: Japan’s residential solar sector has been gradually expanding for years, but the market may be on the cusp of rapid growth. The government’s plan to eliminate net primary energy consumption in all newly constructed homes by 2030 – as well as a subsidy of JPY 50,000 ($485) /kWh for homeowners who install lithium-ion batteries – could drive demand for rooftop solar panels and energy-storage solutions to previously unseen levels by the end of this decade.

Blue skies & satellites

Weather monitoring: The impact of weather on solar power arrays can be substantial, once the effects of clouds, dust, pollution, wind, humidity, rain, snow, and hail are added together. As the solar industry matures, more attention is being paid to monitoring such weather factors, for use in both performance analytics and in maintenance assessments.

Taiwan dreams of PV

PV Taiwan 2016: A massive new PV installation target, but an export-focused industry reeling under the weight of oversupply. The key Taiwanese solar industry show presented a mix of hope and harsh reality. pv magazine was on the spot.

Data in action

Operations strategy: Data is big business for solar these days, with operators recording everything from tracker movements to the weather. But acquiring data is only half of the story: How can you be sure to turn it into meaningful results? Tor Blackstad, CEO at GreenPowerMonitor sheds some light on what can be achieved with effective data management.

The new normal of low module prices

Module and cell prices: Rapid price declines have been the major trend in the latter stages of 2016. Undoubtedly the dynamic will have profound impacts across the market. pv magazine investigates the causes, the effects and the new normal of low-cost PV.

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