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Magazine Archive 11-2017

Hungry for renewables

Solar in Spain: 2020 is around the corner. In order to comply with the European objectives and after five years of standstill, Spain has tendered 8 GW of renewables in only three months. The announced drop in the retribution parameters forecast for that year not only jeopardizes the 4 GW already granted to PV, but also the solvency of old installations.

Tapping stored potential

UK energy policy: PV capacity growth in the U.K. has slowed significantly in 2017, and solar was entirely overlooked by the government in October’s Clean Growth Strategy announcement. However, a glimpse of hope is currently emerging via co-locating existing and new PV projects along energy storage. Are such hopes justified, and where should the U.K. solar market focus?

India’s silent revolution makes some noise

Renewable Energy India Expo: The breathtaking scale of India’s solar expansion over the past 24 months has captured headlines around the world. The recent Renewable Energy India Expo laid bare the growth and opportunities apparent in this soaring market, which has matured from quiet evolution to rapid transformation.

Storage growth signals

HEM in Europe: The home energy management (HEM) market is only just emerging in Europe. Storage system providers and HEM specialists have been the most active so far, but energy suppliers and heating manufacturers are now aligning themselves to enter the space in greater numbers. Energy consultants Delta-ee examine the emerging market for these systems in Europe.

The law’s an asset

Argentina market update: Argentina has taken a number of steps in recent months to make solar more attractive. While the utility-scale segment is expected to receive further support thanks to the third round of the RenovAr program, distributed generation (DG) and private PPA businesses may benefit from new regulations set to be issued in the coming months. The country is now better positioned to achieve its ambitious target of sourcing 20% of its electricity needs from renewable sources by 2025.

An NEG-proof boom

All Energy Australia 2017: There is no doubt that the Australian PV market is booming. With installations set to hit all-time highs in 2017, and the major constraining factor in the marketplace being the availability of trained labour, the solar future looks bright. But on the eve of significant and long-term success, the federal government has thrown a spanner in the works with a new National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

Building pillars of PV

Utilities in China: As China looks set to install up to 50 GW of PV this year, pv magazine examines the technology’s relationship with the country’s state utilities. Is the joint R&D venture between German equipment supplier Manz AG, Shanghai Electric Group and the Shenhua Group evidence that Chinese utilities are embracing a solar future?

Changing tides

Utilities and solar: An increasing number of U.S. utilities are embracing the low and predictable costs of utility-scale solar. But conflicts remain over distributed generation, and the real question is who will own the solar that is being built.

Cutting costs through competition

Solar as an asset: Growing competition in the solar asset management industry is resulting in lower operating and management costs for large PV plant or portfolio owners, thanks to more intense use of monitoring data and active analysis of O&M opportunities for cost savings.

Finding fault

O&M case studies: Two hypothetical scenarios and one actual case study of solar faults in the field serve as a reminder of both the importance of sophisticated O&M, and the need for a professional and proactive approach to PV maintenance.

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