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Forum Solarpraxis

Forum Solarpraxis: From energy decentralization to digitization

The energy sector has undergone huge changes over the last years, mainly due to the decentralization of energy systems and the increasing role of renewables. While the sector’s defining characteristics continue to shift, a new trend has emerged: the digitization of energy. What it is, and who will benefit the most was discussed at this year’s Forum Solarpraxis.

The pv magazine weekly news digest

The 16th Forum Solarpraxis kicked off in the German capital this week showcasing international developments in technology and policy and offering market assessments from industry reps. Developments in Germany and the U.K. could have far-reaching impacts for the European solar industry.

Forum Solarpraxis: German storage subsidies likely to continue

The 16th Forum Solarpraxis kicked off today with the good news that German storage subsidies are likely to continue for the next three years. A parliamentary committee is currently discussing the issue. As of 2017, meanwhile, 5% of tendered projects under the EEG will be opened to electricity from abroad. New energy business models and legal frameworks were also discussed, as was how storage knowledge can be transferred from the auto industry to solar.

Forum Solarpraxis: It's all political for Europe's big two solar powers

Contrasting fortunes for the German and U.K. solar PV markets in 2016 will suppress the European solar landscape as policy changes take effect.

Solar disrupts utilities out of their comfort zone

Solarpraxis Forum highlights how traditional energy utilities are struggling to cope with the expansion of the renewable energy sector, forcing a rethink of their relationship with renewables.

SolarMax insolvency: Lack of pan-European policy harms industry, says expert

The insolvency of Switzerland’s SolarMax is yet another indictment of Europe’s failure to nurture pro-solar political conditions, says solar consultant Winfried Hoffmann.

pv magazine weekly news roundup: Nov 21-28

Assault of batteries shapes the week, while the good vibes of the 15th Forum Solarpraxis are punctured by the news of SolarMax’s insolvency.

Future PV Forum brings close-to-commercialization technologies into focus

The 15th Forum Solarpraxis played host to the first Future PV Forum today in Berlin. 10 presentations across the solar innovation value chain showcased a range of technologies from the much-hyped perovskites to laser 3D printing for silver paste application on standard p-type crystalline silicon solar cells.


15th Forum Solarpraxis begins with a buzz

Solar business conference held in Berlin commences with well-attended keynote speech and defiantly upbeat vibe.

Israel testing industry with lowest FIT rates possible

Israel’s electricity market regulator PUA surprised everyone on Tuesday by suggesting a feed-in tariff for the Timna solar park lower than initially agreed. Israel has decided to develop its PV sector further and is attempting to do so at the lowest cost possible, testing the industry.

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