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“What we focus on is reliability”

Perovskite: It’s been a buzz technology of the last couple of years, perovskites in PV applications. However, much of the research community has struggled to meet the required material stability requirements of the solar industry. Chris Case, the CTO of perovskite developer Oxford PV, believes that his company has made serious headway.

The pv magazine weekly news digest

Another seven days of solar brings a call from SolarPower Europe for the EU to end trade duties on Chinese components, the unveiling of Hanergy’s zero charge EVs, and the first shoots of Nigeria’s solar market.

Positive PV outlook from EU PVSEC

The 21st century was lauded as the “solar photovoltaic century” at this year’s EU PVSEC as excitement builds within the industry and big capacity increases are forecasted.

A PV pulse-take

IEEE PVSC: SPV Market Research’s Paula Mints was an engaged attendee at the recent IEEE PVSC conference in Portland, U.S., held at the beginning of June. Here is a snapshot of how the conference unfolded over the course of five days, and the main themes that were discussed.

Thin edge of a major wedge

Thin film production equipment: A Chinese manufacturer developing hundreds of megawatts of thin film manufacturing capacity is a big deal. This alone made the announcement from CNBM that it was placing large orders with European cadmium telluride (CdTe) and copper indium gallium selenium (CIGS) PV equipment suppliers at the 2016 SNEC trade show a significant one. But what do we know about the deal? pv magazine investigates.

SunRISE TechBridge Challenge winners announced by DSM, Fraunhofer TechBridge and Greentown Labs

Five early-stage companies are announced as winners of the SunRISE TechBridge Challenge, which was designed to identify innovations in solar materials and technologies to reduce the levelized cost of energy for photovoltaic systems.

UNSW takes out CZTS efficiency world record

Researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have achieved a world record conversion efficiency of 7.6% for a 1cm2 copper zinc tin sulfide (CZTS) solar cell. Japan’s Solar Frontier, with IBM and Tokyo Ohka Kogyo, have previously achieved 12.6%, however on a smaller 0.42cm2 substrate.


Ecosummit 2016: time for open innovation in renewable sector

More than 50 renewable energy startups will be showcasing their solutions at Ecosummit in Berlin on April 26 and 27. Is there still room for early stage companies to make an impact in the solar industry? pv magazine discusses new trends and opportunities in cleantech fundraising with Ecosummit founder and CEO Jan Michael Hess.

The pv magazine weekly news digest

“Large” – the word that dominates in the solar news this week. Large projects, storage systems and hopes. What would Sigmund say?

7th ITRPV: PV tracks 21 percent learning curve, 200 GW cumulative landmark passed in 2015

The seventh edition of the International Roadmap for Photovoltaics (ITRPV) has confirmed that PV producers are continuing to track the historic solar learning curve of 21%. A range of wafer, cell and module production technologies will see multicrystalline PV modules being produced by 2026 with an efficiency of 310 W, in a 60-cell configuration.

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