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California utilities agency increases efficiency with new storage system

The advanced energy storage system will optimize renewable energy generation at its water management facilities, providing “an added layer of protection” against power outages and make it easier to share renewable resources.

“More flexibility from the lamination system”

Lamination technology: New materials and processes are coming into the lamination technology segment of PV production. With these come challenges for technology providers, but they also present major opportunities for increased throughput and reductions in energy consumption. Robert Gaiser is the Project Manager for Lamination with Germany’s Bürkle, and he says flexibility of lamination tooling is also becoming important.

Australia's CSIRO rolls out PV residential monitoring platform

Australian-made technology that will allow householders to remotely monitor and control their electricity usage, and utilities to coordinate demand management programs, is being trialed in the city of Perth and regional Queensland.

“The future of solar is not solar”

CEO Interview: U.S. microinverter specialist Enphase foresees a future where solar is driven less by technology and more by demand for an energy proposition that works for the consumer. Company CEO Paul Nahi tells pv magazine how microinverters will assume a leading role in this transition.

ABB inverters bear weathering heights

The grid-connected solar plant atop the Mont Blanc cable car station required inverters with specifications appropriate to a site at an altitude of 3,500 meters.

AORA to build pilot solar-hybrid plant in Ethiopia

Israel-based hybrid power developer AORA Solar has signed a deal with Ethiopia’s Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy to begin construction of a pilot solar-hybrid power plant.

Minister delights Indian expo with 100 GW eight-year aim

Jaw-dropping figure, mentioned 24 hours before Intersolar India opened, divided opinion between those who see it as a pipe dream and Narendra Modi’s enthusiastic solar supporters.

The sun of its parts

Off-grid India: In India, solar off-grid systems are a backup against daily power cuts, offering clean energy 24 hours a day. The Indian solar off-grid market is growing fast, providing an affordable and reliable fail-safe against the daily power cuts that regularly bedevil cities, towns, and villages. And in rural regions, where there is often no grid access whatsoever, solar solutions are proving invaluable.

“It’s unstoppable”

The history of solar energy: John Perlin’s latest book, “Let it Shine: The 6,000-Year Story of Solar Energy,” is a new expanded edition of his 1980 classic, “A Golden Thread: 2500 Years of Solar Architecture and Technology.” pv magazine spoke to Perlin about fascinating new discoveries, what people today can learn from the solar engineers of ancient times, and the prospects of solar for future generations.

New software for MATLAB and Simulink users

Software developer doppelintegral launches Blockset for the Simulation of Solar Energy Systems

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