4th edition of our well-known investment guide “Direct Investments in Commercial Solar Plants” will be published in early July


Now in its 4th edition, we are once again bringing out an updated version of the work. We want to provide investors with an up-to-date and, in particular, practice-oriented handbook that both identifies the key issues for making the right investment decision and provides useful tips and advice for a concrete investment decision.

Like the topic of sustainable energy production as a whole, the photovoltaic sector has developed rapidly in recent years. This development is also noticeable in the PV sector, and not only after politicians and, most recently, the courts have taken up the issue and set an important course for a more rapid energy turnaround.

In the updated edition, this development has been taken into account; the contents have been brought up to date and the scope of the guide has increased significantly due to the addition of a whole range of further topics.

For this purpose, we have not only drawn on our own eight years of experience but have also collaborated with a number of external partners whose expert knowledge includes practical approaches, solutions and tips from the respective areas.

Divided into the sections “The photovoltaic market”, “On the way to investment”, “The direct investment”, “After the purchase” and “The sale”, the investment guide is structured as follows:

Chapter I: The PV Market

Overview Contents:

– Classification of the global progress of PV technologies / General conditions in Germany / PV is marketable, globally and also in Germany. Why you can not only produce something useful with solar energy, but also earn money.

– To what extent is a solar plant a suitable investment? Why are commercial systems also interesting for private investors?

Chapter II: On the way to investment/ Types of direct investment (“What to invest in”)

– How exactly can you invest in commercial PV and why is direct investment exciting?

– What specific projects are there, what differentiates them? From project law to turnkey to running plants or special case of dismantling plant.

– Which value drivers are there, how do they affect the valuation for investment decision with common relevant KPIS and key figures? How to analyze / calculate the return of PV investments?

– What are the tax issues to be considered?

– Which non-financial issues have to be considered in the context of an investment decision? What do you have to pay attention to as a future solar entrepreneur? What to consider, what are the pitfalls, how to speed up the steps or what slows down the process?

Chapter III – The investment

– Where to find the right PV project, and which actors play a role in the search?

– What are the steps between the decision to buy and the final signing of a purchase agreement? How much time should one allow for the process?

– Importance of technical/legal due diligence, financing and the right approach to signing the purchase agreement.

Chapter IV – After the purchase: Commissioning

– Basics for long-term regular operation

– Which issues can be taken care of by oneself, where should specialized service providers provide support?

– How can long-term value retention be achieved?

Chapter V – The sale

– What (good) reasons are there to sell a PV project?

– How to determine an appropriate market price, and what is the optimal process?

– How to find the right buyer?

This time, we have also taken the new edition as an opportunity to update the layout of the guide and bring it into line with our most recently published “Operator's Guide”. The Investment Guide – together with the Operator's Guide – will again be available for download free of charge from our website as usual.

If you have any questions about the publication, please feel free to contact Mr. Christian Schäfer, by mail at christian.schaefer@milkthesun.com or by phone at +49 (0) 30/322 98 14 26