AEG solar modules for German armed forces projects in Nigeria


Frankfurt am Main / Abuja – November 8, 2017 – In cooperation with energy-solution provider Daystar Power, Solar Solutions GmbH has delivered AEG solar modules for a German armed forces project in Nigeria. The AEG high-performance modules form part of three German armed forces projects supported under the framework of cooperation between Germany and Nigeria. Solar Solutions GmbH delivered their high quality polycrystalline AEG modules series AS-P605-250.


The Photovoltaic (PV) equipment was handed over on the 7th of September and installed within 10 days. The majority of the time was spent integrating this clean renewable form of energy into the existing electric system. The PV System is located in the Nigerian capital of Abuja and is installed at the “Armed Forces Electronic and Mechatronics Engineering (AFEME) Workshop and School”. The AFEME is a workshop and training centre of the Nigerian army for technicians for car mechanics.


The German armed forces in Nigeria operates the education centre as a part of its support programme for Nigeria. The PV System provides clean electricity to the workshops/training centre. This is the first installation of several PV systems of the German armed forces in Nigeria, planned and installed by Daystar Power with AEG modules. The high quality of AEG modules, and ease of doing business and the excellent cooperation between Solar Solutions and Daystar Power made the armed forces´ choice of suppliers an easy one.


Photovoltaic electricity provides a more reliable energy source in countries like Nigeria where the gird power supply is quite often unreliable. PV is especially effective as it does not depend on diesel availability. Furthermore, PV systems are highly reliable with no moving parts meaning maintenance and service costs are much lower when compared to those of a diesel generator. Clearly, the clean, green energy produced by PV contributes to the protection of the environment in Nigeria, something which the German armed forces are focused on wherever possible. Solar Solutions is proud that the AEG solar modules are making a simple yet tangible difference to the day to day lives of those people who are exposed to these projects.



Part of the AEG family with its hundred-year tradition as a leading German brand in the field of electrical appliances owned today by Electrolux Group, AEG quality photovoltaic modules stand out for their reliability, aesthetics and enhanced usability. Each AEG module is developed to be always an idea ahead in the world of smart solar to grant users full control over their yields and peace of mind. AEG modules integrate IMM as an optional feature, a smart technology for highly accurate monitoring at module level, enabling detection and prediction of performance issues from individual modules up to the whole PV plant. This allows for tailored O&M interventions, maximizing yields and driving down maintenance costs. AEG solar modules are distributed worldwide under license by Solar Solutions GmbH, Germany.