Akcome to provide rack system for the largest PV solar plant in Ukraine


Akcome Technology's subsidiary, Suzhou Akcome Metal Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Akcome Metal”) announced in last week that the company would provide ground rack system for the largest green energy project of Ukraine which is under construction.

The project was planned with a total installation of 246MW and developed by DTEK Energy Group, the largest private energy company of Ukraine, and China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), a China state-owned enterprise will invest and also be a contractor of the project.

The solar plant locates in Dnipropetrovsk region of central Ukraine. Within all the 246MW, 146MW will utilize rack system provided by Akcome Metal. It is understood that the entire project adopts the impact stake rack system, and the design scheme passed the dual design requirements from both China and Ukraine institutes.

In addition, the support production process is more stringent. Considering the local soil pull-out resistance, carrying capacity and stress of piling, increasing the thickness of the rack wall became necessitate. With excellent and precise production capability, outstanding service quality, Akcome Metal deeply concentrated in the Ukrainian market. And due to promptly delivery, Akcome Metal received high praise from customer.

This project will finish construction and connect to grid by the end of this 2018. When completed, the project will fulfill power demand of 100,000 people for electricity and reduce carbon emissions by 300,000 tons annually. It not only guarantees local electricity demand and creates economic benefits, but also generate huge social benefits to Ukraine and even the whole Eastern Europe. As Ukraine's future landmark photovoltaic project, it will have a major impact on the development of renewable energy of Ukraine.

Akcome Metal has always been committed to become the world's leading integrated service provider for renewable energy rack system and devoted itself into oversea market. In fact becoming the supplier of rack system to this PV solar plant reflects the international brand recognition of Akcome rack system. Akcome Metal will keep continue in bringing the greatest value to its customers with high quality products and excellent service.