Alight and The Axel Johnson Group to double Sweden’s solar park stock


The Axel Johnson Group signs an agreement with Alight to build three solar parks in Sweden with a total installed power of about 90 MW. This will double Sweden’s established solar park stock’s energy production by adding Sweden’s largest solar parks.

Axfood has signed a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) for a solar park with an installed capacity of about 40 MW, while Axel Johnson AB together with the group’s companies Axel Johnson International, Dustin, Kicks, Martin & Servera, the gym chain STC and Åhléns signed an agreement for a solar park with an installed capacity of about 30 MW. The parks are planned to be built in energy areas 3 and 4.

Martin & Servera have previously announced that they have signed an agreement with Alight for a solar park of 18 MW in Skurup. The construction of the solar park in Skurup is in full swing and about 18,000 of the more than 35,000 solar panels have been installed so far.

Alight owns, builds and operates the solar parks. The Axel Johnson companies undertake to buy all the electricity produced for at least ten years at a fixed price in order to reduce their electricity costs, reduce the environmental impact and protect themselves against volatility in the electricity market and enable the production of new renewable electricity.

Mia Brunell Livfors, President and CEO, Axel Johnson:

“Axel Johnson must be a strong and positive force for change in society, and an expression of that is our work with reduced climate impact. It is an extensive work that spans the entire value chain. A key area is to ensure a climate-friendly energy supply. Therefore, together within the Group, we are now taking an important and concrete step to lower the Group’s climate footprint by adding renewable energy to the market. With this move, we are also contributing to a significant leap forward for the Swedish market for large-scale solar energy.”

Harald Överholm, CEO of Alight:

“To see a large Swedish group walk the talk and take lead in the transition to green energy is fantastic. I hope other corporations get inspired and realize the benefits of taking full control of their energy consumption while creating more renewable energy through their own sites”.

Axel Johnson has previously made a mark as an investor in solar energy companies through AxSol, which is an investor in Alight and other solar energy companies. With this investment, the Group also exemplifies as an energy buyer that they see solar energy as a competitive and growing part of the energy system of the future.

Martin & Servera’s solar park in Skurup is expected to be completed during spring 2022 and is expected to produce approximately 19 GWh, which corresponds to the annual household electricity for 3,800 Swedish houses. Axel Johnson’s park will be able to produce about 30 GWh, which corresponds to household electricity for about 6,000 Swedish houses, while Axfood’s park will be able to produce about 40 GWh, which corresponds to the annual household electricity for about 8,200 villas. The two latter parks are expected to be completed during the first half of 2023, and permit applications are being processed.