Anji Tech (UK) offers $15Million (USD) investment in thin film solar panel


Anji Technologies ( UK ) and its consortium partners have announced a plan to look for reliable partners across the globe and offered investment programme worth $ 15 Million (USD) to partner with Any electric vehicle group to develop thin film solar products ‘for the car and household’, or construction of distributed generation for industrial parks and  solar poverty alleviation projects.

It is further revealed that consortium has plans to install fully automated production line for thin film panels in Required region with the help of potential local partners. Consortium is looking for reliable partners in all regions across and the globe and final selection will be announced by the end of Q1, 2018 and plan will be implemented on mutual agreement and convenient time scales of both partners.

Anji Tech (UK) is inviting written letter of interest (LOI) from potential parties not later than March 10,2018.