Another Milestone—Establishment of GoodWe Europe GmbH


There’s no better illustration of GoodWe’s deep commitment to the European solar market than the foundation of GoodWe Europe GmbH. Our European customers won’t need to worry anymore about the fact that GoodWe is far away. Now GoodWe has a face in Germany that will be always close to its customers, providing all the comfort and support needed to build trust based on responsibility.

The new branch is located in Munich with address at Fürstenrieder Str. 279a, 81377. It will be delivering integrated and comprehensive product portfolio service, from sales to aftersales care. Our working hours are from 8:30 am-5:30 pm from Monday to Friday.

Thomas Haering, the Managing Director of GoodWe Europe GmbH, has many years of work experience in the PV industry. Together with his experienced team members, including sales and technical support, GoodWe Europe will provide professional advice and service. The company will also perform on-site inspections, testing and debugging and provide repair or replacement if necessary, using the latest techniques to maximize inverter performance while minimizing production or process downtime.

The establishment of GoodWe Europe GmbH will significantly contribute to enhance the footprint of GoodWe in the European market bringing as well many operational advantages, including the autonomy to transact under the European regulations and react rapidly to the market adjustments, putting in place strategies appropriate for the local markets.

Given the centrality of Germany in the European solar market, GoodWe Europe GmbH will also be coordinating with GoodWe’s other European teams in the UK, Spain and Italy, becoming in this way the launching pad for the expansion of the company in Europe and other regions.   

Office address: Fuerstenrieder Strasse 279a, 81377 Muenchen, Germany

Tel.: +49 89 74120-210