Arctech Shows in Future Energy Show Vietnam, Leading APAC’s Top Solar Tracking Provider The Fifth Time


The largest energy event in Vietnam returned to Ho Chi Minh City once again this July. After an absence of more than three years, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event marks the first time that Vietnam’s energy leaders have been able to gather at scale since 2019.

Over 4,000 solar and renewable energy experts from Vietnam and across the region have been in attendance at The Adora Convention Centre in Ho Chi Minh City, to explore the latest innovative solutions and make new connections with industry leaders and strategies for Vietnam’s energy future.

Arctech has been the first supplier that upgraded both its 2P and 1P tracker lines to a truly rigid design through an innovative “multi-drive” mechanism. These stiff trackers (SkyLine II and SkySmart II) can safely stow horizontally, which is vital to lower the wind pressure onto the new large-format modules and prevent cracking and delamination. Stiff trackers also enable increasing the wind stow speed threshold and thus extend the operational wind speed range. These optimized stow parameters can also help prevent energy losses and increase energy generation and revenue to a considerable extent.

Arctech has been enhancing its market share since 2018, the company established 170 MW SkyLine projects in Ninh Thuan and over 1.2 GW solar racking projects in the region.

With over 1.3 GW accumulated portfolio across over 10 projects in the Vietnamese market, the company has secured the top ranking of shipment in the APAC market fifth time in a row, as reported by the Wood & Mackenzie 2021 Global PV tracking report.

Continuously taking the APAC region as a pivotal position in its global strategy, Arctech will join International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia in the upcoming October.