Astronergy to improve TOPCon detection mechanism with top institute


As a clean energy technology research and development institution directly under China Huaneng Group, CERI currently has 11 national and provincial-level R&D platforms, as well as 12 professional laboratories.

With research achievements in the field of new energy, and its full life cycle solutions such as new energy resource assessment, survey and design, engineering construction and commissioning, operation and maintenance, and testing, CERI will cooperate with Astronergy in the verification and detection, and differentiated certification of TOPCon modules, and outdoor tests of TOPCon modules, to perfect current TOPCon detection mechanism in the industry.

The cooperation between the two sides is a great chance for us to improve the current detection mechanism and will be a great surge for us to enhance our TOPCon tech, said Haiyan Huang, EVP & CSO at Astronergy.

Huang added that, as a pioneer in n-type TOPCon PV modules, Astronergy not only have rich experience in n-type TOPCon tech improvement and TOPCon module manufacturing but also has lots of customer feedback on our TOPCon modules; The previous experience and ongoing TOPCon tech upgrading of Astronergy will offer lots of information for CERI to perfect the TOPCon detection mechanism.

Seeing the great potential of the two sides’ cooperation, Astronergy is expected to keep its leading role in n-type TOPCon tech and TOPCon module products. The newly upgraded and newly launched ASTRO N7 products at SNEC would be a hot one in the PV market in the near future.