Autowell Highlights Innovation in Intelligent Module Manufacturing at CIPVIC 2023


Autowell, a proud partner of Tongwei, was honored to be invited to this grand event, where it engaged with professionals from various fields to discuss global green industry development, showcase and share the latest achievements in intelligent manufacturing and technological innovation, and provide insights into sustainable environmental development and collaboration across the industry.

The collaboration between Autowell and Tongwei dates back to 2015, starting with the dual-line stringer for Tongwei's Hefei project in its initial stages. Over the years, the partnership has deepened, encompassing various equipment such as Autowell's cutting machine and stacking machine in Tongwei's Hefei and Chengdu locations from 2018 to 2019. In 2020, the collaboration expanded to the slicing stage with Autowell's silicon wafer sorting machines deployed at Tongwei's Jintang and Meishan bases. From 2021 to 2022, the cooperation extended to the cell stage with the implementation of equipment like screen printing lines, dual-track light injection machines, and cell annealing furnaces at Tongwei's Meishan and Jintang bases. Simultaneously, Autowell's various stringers were put into operation in multiple Tongwei projects. Parallel to Tongwei Solar's decade-long flourishing journey, Autowell has grown into a high-end intelligent equipment manufacturer covering the entire PV industry chain, including ingot casting, wafer slicing, cell manufacturing, and module assembly. In the future, Autowell aims to continue deepening its collaboration with Tongwei Group, jointly propelling the integration of intelligent manufacturing in the solar industry.

During the event, Autowell and Tongwei joined forces once again. On the morning of November 13th, a closed-door meeting was held between Tongwei Group Chairman Mr. Liu Hanyuan and Autowell Chairman Mr. Ge Zhiyong, along with accompanying executives. The discussion delved into new intelligent manufacturing equipment technologies for vertical integration in the solar industry. Led by Mr. Ge Zhiyong, Autowell's elite team shared cutting-edge technologies and engaged in discussions on closer collaboration, contributing insights into the future of the industry. This meeting not only continued the success of past collaborations but also demonstrated a strong confidence in deepening future cooperation. Autowell looks forward to driving the solar industry towards a more intelligent, efficient, and sustainable future through its deep collaboration with Tongwei.

On the afternoon of November 13th, at the Tongwei Global Partner Conference, Autowell received two prestigious awards: the “Tongwei Solar Ten Years of Steadfast Partnership Award” in the cell section and the “Tongwei Module Global Partner Value Award” in the module section. Ms. Zhu Simei, Autowell's Sales Director, representing the equipment supplier, delivered a keynote speech, sharing Autowell's commitment to “creating value for customers,” contributing to the high-quality development of the PV industry.

At the awards ceremony on November 14th, Autowell won two more awards: the “Exemplary Intelligent Manufacturing Award” and the “Chief Brand Officer.” These honors not only showcased Autowell's brand strength but also demonstrated industry recognition of Autowell's formidable capabilities. These accolades will further inspire Autowell to continue innovating, pursuing excellence, and injecting more energy into the sustainable development of the industry.

During the concurrent exhibition from November 14th to 16th, Autowell, a globally renowned intelligent PV equipment manufacturer, showcased its integrated solution for intelligent PV manufacturing, attracting widespread attention. Numerous professional visitors and industry experts stopped by the booth, expressing a desire to learn more about Autowell's advanced products and technologies. Autowell's team engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges with visitors on product technology, innovation research and development, and industry development.development of the industry.

Notably, Autowell's MBB PV Cell Soldering Stringer garnered significant attention for its powerful competitiveness. This fully automatic machine is used to solder solar cells into a string, boasting high capacity, precision, and strong compatibility. The stringer is suitable for various types of solar cells and is compatible with round, special-shaped, and thinner ribbons. It employs a Teflon conveyor for thinner cells, offers fast switchover, and has low operational and maintenance costs. The product received affirmation and recognition from important clients due to its robust competitiveness.

Autowell has consistently been committed to driving innovative development in intelligent PV manufacturing, incorporating the most advanced technologies into intelligent manufacturing solutions. In the future, Autowell will continue to surpass itself, following its mission to “create a smart factory with technology” and, together with all sectors of society, explore a new future for integrated intelligent PV manufacturing, propelling the solar industry into a more intelligent and efficient era.