AxSun Solar introduces black polycrystalline modules into European market


The 250 Wp fully black module (black cells, black back sheet, black frame) has been added to AxSun's 60 cells module range. Due to the improving cell technology a 260 Wp black poly module will be available next year.

Axel Skuthan, CEO of AxSun Solar, commented, "AxSun Solar always ensures that the latest technical know-how incorporates into the enhancement of our products. The new black poly module is a great option for homeowners who focus on aesthetical matters."

Homeowners as well as installers are delighted that they can order black polycrystalline modules instead of the more expensive black monocrystalline modules. AxSun Solar have designed modules which are not only notable for their longevity, high quality workmanship and above-average performance but also for their robustness.

"We are proud that all AxSun PV-systems that are located in the specific South German area where severe hail storms have damaged almost every house in late July, have withstood the hail stones which reached the size of golf and tennis balls," Mr. Voehringer, AxSun area partner, reported. AxSun solar modules carry a 12 year product warranty and 25 year linear performance warranty.