Best choice for industrial roofs: Conergy's new trapezoidal roof solution "SunTop Trapez"


This new roof solution stands out from the competition thanks to its innovative, flexible mounting system. Almost all trapezoidal roof systems on the market are fixed from above onto the raised bead of the metal roof, but with the Conergy SunTop Trapez it is fixed laterally to the raised bead of the trapezoidal roof using two opposing trapezoidal mounts.

4 benefits: the new mounting system brings a host of benefits

A simple idea with a huge impact – this innovative fastening system has four massive benefits. The mounting system withstands high wind loads, reduces assembly time, can be adjusted up to 15 millimetres to compensate for height differences in the beads and adapts completely to any temperature-related expansion of the metal roof. In this way, the Hamburg-based company has designed the product to suit every requirement, including different bead heights, shapes and distances.

Wind-resistant and time-saving: the SunTop Trapez gives top performance in all weather conditions

Because of its lateral assembly, the suction load on the trapezoidal mounts in windy conditions is less than in conventional systems. So the Conergy system can withstand greater loads and it can also be installed in areas which are subject to high winds. But it is not only in stormy weather that the SunTop Trapez comes into its own.

In less windy regions the system is very time-saving because of its safe and stable assembly: the software program supplied with the system tells the installation engineer what is the optimum distance between trapezoidal mounts. Wind and weather conditions are determining factors, together with the thickness of the roof covering. This, along with the fact that much of it is pre-assembled, means that it is faster – and therefore cheaper – to install.

Height-adjustable and flexible: The SunTop Trapez can be mounted in any direction

Its lateral fastening has another advantage: along with its resilience and speed of assembly, it also allows height adjustments of up to 15 millimetres. So the rails always lie flat, it is easy to compensate for any unevenness in the roof and the installation engineer does not get a bad surprise when fitting the system. The lateral assembly also solves the problem of temperature-related material expansion on metal roofs: with the Conergy SunTop Trapez the trapezoidal mounts are not screwed into the mounting but instead run flexibly along a rail. In this way the metal roof can expand in summer and contract in winter without harming the module.

A clever all-rounder: suited to all configurations, whether laminate or framed, lengthwise or diagonal

The Conergy SunTop Trapez leaves the installation engineer free to select any module. It is suitable for both framed modules and laminates, and they can be fitted either lengthways or diagonally. Conergy also offers the installation engineer a range of different rail lengths. These can be fitted full-length or as short rails with gaps between the modules. And if the raised bead should turn out to be too low for lateral assembly of the trapezoidal mounts, then the system can also be fitted to the top of the raised bead thanks to its top bracket, making it truly multi-use.

The new Conergy SunTop Trapez will be available in the third quarter of 2011. Before that the Hamburg solar experts will be presenting their all-rounder for the first time between 8 to 10 June 2011 at Intersolar in Munich.