Bisol premium quality PV modules certified for use on building integrated installations with IRFTS’s Easy Roof mounting system


Bisol Group, one of the leading European manufacturers of photovoltaic modules and other solar solutions, is constantly reaffirming its competitive position in existing markets and developing innovative solar solutions. In order to meet the requirements of French and other customers, the company submitted its modules for official assessment for obtaining ETN certificate.

This certificate proves all Bisol mono- and polycrystalline modules are compatible for building integrated solar installations with Easy Roof mounting systems. The in-roof solution allows module positioning in landscape or portrait and permits unsymmetrical placements to overcome obstacles on the roof such as chimney and roof windows.

Bisol Group’s PV modules are tested and certified by various distinguished laboratories, they sustain harsh weather conditions, such as heavy rain, hail storms, snow storms, strong winds, intense heat and high humidity. They offer high energy yields and long life span for solar power plants and can be installed on the roof using Easy Roof or other mounting solutions. French mounting system manufacturer IRFTS have designed Easy Roof system to allow traditional modules to be mounted with special in-roof framework.

This mounting system for photovoltaic solar power plants is ideal for different kinds of roofs from 10° to 50° slope. Its design also makes it possible to adapt to all types of roof tiles and other covers and can be used for building integrated PV solar systems on residential, commercial and public buildings, as well as agricultural and industrial roofs.

The discreet solution is a perfect fit to Bisol Group’s recently launched Spectrum series of PV modules with coloured cells. The next generation of PV solutions is in line with the company’s strategy to position itself as a number one supplier of aesthetically unsurpassed top performing PV solutions. In addition to a variety of high-quality mono- and polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic modules, Bisol Group offers its own different aluminium and polyethylene mounting solutions, project design support, PV plant performance monitoring and engineering, procurement and construction of PV power plants.

The European manufacturer will present its entire solar assortment at the next trade fair of the season, at Salon des Energies Renouvelables trade fair in France which will take place from February 19 to February 22.