Bos.ten becomes a Solytic platform partner


“Close cooperation with company bos.ten as an official platform partner will bring many advantages for our customers in the future”, said Konrad Perényi. As one of the founders and managing directors of Solytic, he said: “The hardware of the bos.ten Group is already preconfigured, so the components don’t have to be connected. This makes it easier to integrate the systems into the monitoring system. At the same time, we can refer our customers to a very professional and TÜV-certified operating manager.”

The Bavarian company bos.ten has many years of experience with solar PV assets. To date, it has planned, built or maintained a total output of 165 MW. Solytic intends to use its software to automate the monitoring of solar PV assets to a greater extent in the future. The usual processes in control rooms will change, and the work of O&M [operations and maintenance] service providers will become much more efficient.

“Solytic provides an advanced monitoring portal for commercial solar PV assets that’s inverter independent,” said Jutta Weber, CEO of bos.ten, a family-owned company. “The solution allows us to monitor and operate more assets with our team through a higher level of automation. Technical management is scalable and asset portfolios are monitored and analysed in real time. This relief allows our technicians to concentrate more on the relevant troubleshooting.”