Bosch Solar Energy introduces new high-performance solar module to the market


Bosch Solar Energy has introduced a new high­ performance module with a peak output of up to 290 Wp to the market. lt was first presented at the Intersolar Europein Munich at the end of June, where it enjoyed a very warm response. The new-generation half-cell module with an innovative frame concept is in serial production at the Arnstadt plant and is available since July.

Bosch Solar Energy's new high-performance module c-Si M 60+ with a white rear encapsulant offers higher reflectance values than the premium module with a black encapsulant. The increase in output by up to 290 Wp is made possible by the new cell generation in half-cell design. Another major factor is the burned-in antireflection coating on the toughened micro-structured front glass, which enables greater light absorption. A highly transparent encapsulant provides more exposure to light, while innovative structured cell connectors reduce electrical and optical Iosses in the module.

The new module is made up of 120 monocrystalline high-performance half­ cells in a format of 156×78 mm. Reliability tests, which are far stricter than the standard requirements, have confirmed the new module's durability and long-term stability.

The high-performance module is fitted with a new frame, which features a great many advantages primarily concerning module installation and maintenance. Optimized ergonomics ensure easier handling and flexible mounting options during installation. The moduleframealso features drainage corners which offer expanded grounding options.

On March 22, 2013, Robert Bosch GmbH announced that it will pull out of the crystalline photovoltaic business area by the beginning of 2014. The aim is to sell the business outright or in individual divisions, if possible.