Cooper Bussmann attains CCC mark for solar PV fuse links


Cooper Bussmann, the leader in critical circuit protection, power management and electrical safety, has attained the China Compulsory Certificate (CCC) mark for its 1 to 15 amp range of 1000Vdc photovoltaic protection fuse links. The CCC mark is a requirement for electrical devices manufactured in or imported into the Chinese market.

The CCC certification is a major step for Cooper Bussmann as it allows offering these 10 x 38mm fuse links to key Asian OEMs looking to sell into the growing Chinese PV market. Additionally, it affords a great opportunity for European OEMs targeting the domestic Chinese market as they can now source CCC-compliant fuse links from European based sources and meet Chinese CCC requirements.

Ben Rooke, product manager, said: “Having the CCC mark on our 1 to 15A range of 1000Vdc Solar PV fuses is a real breakthrough. Currently we are the only fuse manufacturer than can offer this range with Chinese accreditation. For any PV system supplier wanting to sell into and install in China, being able to source a CCC product is a key issue, and Cooper Bussmann is now able to help OEMs achieve this.”

The Cooper Bussmann Solar PV fuse range offers class-leading performance, clearing faults as low as 1.35 x In at 1000Vdc and is suitable for industry standard dimensioned panels. They have been tested to withstand the typical cycling conditions specific to solar panel operation and environmental stresses associated with system location to deliver optimum overcurrent protection throughout any installed system’s lifetime.