Data hub for renewable energy plants


The financing will be used to develop a cloud-based platform to network renewable energy plants with portal solutions and make the data flexibly usable for any application.

Streamergy is launching into the future with experienced investors from the photovoltaic (PV) industry: Edgar Gimbel, who has been active in the solar sector for more than 20 years, and the Zimmermann PV Steel Group, which is internationally successful with solar mounting frames, are providing the Augsburg-based start-up with a substantial investment for the launch phase and beyond. The company's founders, Martin Schneider, Stefan Rensberg and Daniel Schneider, have many years of expertise in monitoring and controlling photovoltaic systems and are well connected in the industry.

“I was enthusiastic about Streamergy's business idea from the very beginning. The founders are real experts in the solar sector and have a strong team at their side. In the past they have proven many times that they know how to implement visions,” says Edgar Gimbel. “Thanks to my friendship over many decades, I have a high level of trust in the start-up. I have known Martin Schneider since he started his career in the PV industry. I am pleased to accompany such a visionary company in the PV growth market as an investor and strategic partner,” says Gimbel.

The goal of the company, which was founded at the beginning of 2021, is to develop a data hub for renewable energy plants. The hub is positioned between the on-site data collection and the user portals. The cloud-based platform provides all master and measurement data from plants in real time for flexible use in portal solutions. Manufacturers, EPCs and asset owners all benefit from the new solution: they can network existing and future portal solutions for monitoring, asset management or service, for example. At the same time, they have complete data sovereignty and can efficiently implement their own solutions based on their centralised data stock.

Streamergy uses the data hub to develop sustainable solutions and new digital business models together with cooperation partners and customers. Instead of all-in-one solutions, the company relies on standard software supplemented by customised solutions.

“Nowadays, projects in the regenerative sector are cross-technological, scalable and full of innovations. All-in-one solutions alone cannot meet the increasing requirements. The overall potential can only be fully exploited by networking of portals and by an own, flexibly usable database. We need speed in the energy transition and data is the key to this,” says Martin Schneider, Managing Director of Streamergy, and adds: “We are proud to have Edgar Gimbel, a long-standing companion, and Zimmermann PV Steel Group, a high-growth company, at our side.”