DC Power Systems and Solar Depot join forces


Operating as two companies within SolarNet Holdings, LLC, DC Power and Solar Depot will together serve more than five thousand renewable energy dealers throughout the Americas, forming the largest distribution company in the industry.

“By combining the resources of our two companies, we are creating a best-in-class solar energy distribution company that is poised for significant and sustainable growth,” says Kevin Shimokobe, newly named CEO of SolarNet Holdings, previously CEO of both Solar Depot and DC Power.

Customers can expect to continue to interact with each company as they always have. DC Power and Solar Depot will maintain separate brands while offering customers better service thanks to several process improvements including significant joint investment in IT infrastructure.

DC Power and Solar Depot expect to reap the benefits of considerable synergies between the two companies, including the sharing of regional distribution warehouses and opening new warehouse locations, combined dealer training programs, deep relationships with leading solar manufacturing partners, and the best technical and sales support in the industry.

In addition, cost and operational advantages gained through the integration will increase the competitive advantage of both companies. With industry leading products in photovoltaics, solar thermal and wind energy, DC Power and Solar Depot will combine to form the most complete renewable energy distributor in the Americas.

For more information, please contact Chris Phipps, Vice President of Marketing, SolarNet Holdings, LLC, at 707-992-3130 or chrisp@solarnetholdings.com, or visit www.dcpower-systems.com and www.solardepot.com