DEGERenergie cooperates with Convergence Energy?


For this project, a total of 114 MLD tracking systems of the DEGERtraker 6000NT are deployed (MLD = Maximum Light Detection). With more than 45,000 systems installed worldwide, DEGERenergie is the global market leader for solar tracking systems.

15 solar systems developed in Horb, Germany, have already been set up at the new solar farm in Delavan, Wisconsin. Another 99 will be following in the next weeks. Thanks to the patented MLD technology from DEGERenergie, the U.S. full service provider of solar energy equipment plans to achieve a considerable increase in yield for itself and its customers, which would not be possible with conventional technologies.

What makes the project in Delavan, Wisconsin, so special is the innovative marketing strategy of Convergence Energy: The company creates system packages with three systems each and offers their yield over 10 years for sale. Thanks to this concept, the operator lowers the investment threshold and therefore pushes the development of the solar power market.

This distribution of cost and yield on several investors makes it possible for them to set up considerably more solar projects in shorter time than a single company could manage. The systems remain property of Convergence Energy and – as the initiator of the project – after 10 years, they will also profit from their yield.

John Kivlin, board member of Convergence Energy: “There are several important reasons why we have decided to deploy systems developed by DEGERenergie. First of all, we have received excellent feedback from customers and investors who use DEGERenergie systems about the yield and correspondingly about the ‘return on investment’. Secondly, we appreciate the highly resistant and reliable technology from Germany. We expect low maintenance costs, a long service life of our tracking systems and high yields in the long run.”