Deye inverters help Yemen to realize Net Zero Emission with its golden authorized distributor GTS


Deye products were represented to government officials in the energy sector, as well as merchants and companies, showcased Deye’s advanced technologies for transformers and batteries, and explained all the features and characteristics of our products, the device’s ability to solve the complex problems people face in the solar system. It gained everyone’s admiration and approval, and they praised Deye’s smart and advanced products.

* On-grid single-phase inverters

* On-grid three-phase inverters

* Hybrid single-phase inverters

* Hybrid LV & HV Three Phase inverters

* ESS systems LV & HV

A seminar was also held by our official distributor in Yemen (GTS) in Arabic, the seminar was attended by a large number of representatives of energy trade companies, government sectors, renewable energy technicians & engineers, as well as a number of freshly graduated students in energy specializations, discussing the power issues that can be solved successfully by Deye products. It was explained to them in more detail how to program and operate products with their advantages and characteristics. The services

accompanying Deye products contribute to a unique and smooth experience for all customers, such as services providing continuous technical support, pre-and-after sales services, training services for engineers and technicians conducted by GTS in Yemen.

The attendees mentioned that one of their priorities when choosing a solar energy system is field technical services to ensure continuous, problem-free use, and this is what we always strive to achieve in order to ensure customer confidence in our products.

The seminar was streamed online at live stream to thousands of viewers around Yemen.

Everyone at the seminar was registered to participate in educational courses that will be held in the future for training technicians and engineers to install, operate, and maintain Deye products through GTS, the official authorized distributor in Yemen.

Deye products and services provided by their official authorized distributor in Yemen GTS were very distinguished and gained the admiration of all visitors, including engineers, companies, private and government entities, who showed their keen interest in using Deye products to solve their problems and enjoy uninterrupted electric power.