Duty-Free Bifacial Modules from South Africa to Boost Floating PV Projects in India


Seraphim's dual-glass product is a frameless module comprised of two layers of tempered glass. The new design enables a module that is more than eighty-percent slimmer than traditional PV modules—but simultaneously much stronger—plus more resistant to sand, salt, ammonia, acid, etc. The bifacial module is the perfect fit for “float-o-voltaics”.

Ten percent of India’s territory is covered by rivers and lakes. India has transformed a portion of this space into electricity generation plants, establishing its first floating solar plant on a lake in Kolkata, in 2014. To date, India has established a growing pipeline of almost 200 MW floating solar projects, and more than 1 GW are in advanced planning. Floating solar projects elegantly resolve the tension between increasing electricity needs and limited usable land.

Floating projects require premium solar panels to remain functional under harsh conditions. The Seraphim Dual-Glass module is an ideal choice. Double layers of glass reduce micro cracks, snail trails, UV aging, and mitigate vapor penetration, plus are expressly designed to utilize the reflection of sunlight off the water for additional power output. A frameless design also means excellent PID resistance—and lastly, the junction box on dual-glass modules features IP67 specs and integrated diodes to reduce hot spots. Overall, the module’s working life is significantly prolonged to generate maximum power and profit margins.

About Seraphim

Founded in 2011, Seraphim has registered impressive achievements in a short period, earning Tier-1 distinction from BNEF, Top Performer from DNV GL, and loyalty from demanding customers around the world. With a total capacity of 3.3GW, Seraphim serves global customers with high-quality products and professional services. Almost 4GW of Seraphim products are installed in over 30 countries to date.