Earth Wind & Solar announces new product line

Earth Wind & Solar, Inc. is proud to announce its new G-Mount line of photovoltaic (PV) solar products. Designed with style, function and affordability in mind, the G-Mount product line provides homeowners with alternatives to traditional roof-mounted systems. By giving homeowners three different sizes to choose from, along with advertised prices, the G-Mount line represents a radical shift in how solar systems are sold to the public.

Homeowners choose the size of their system based on the amount of their monthly electric bill. “We’ve taken the mystery out of buying a solar system,” said James Dominguez, Marketing Director of Earth Wind & Solar. “Now it’s as easy as going to our website, finding a product that pleases your eye, seeing the attached price and giving us a call. People should be able to shop for solar systems like they shop for cars, and now they can.”

Along with generating clean, renewable energy, The G-Mount product line is designed to offer practical secondary benefits as well, such as charging electric vehicles, acting as canopies to provide shade, or lying low to the ground to keep out of a neighbor’s sight, if needed.

And with the goal of removing the number one barrier that has traditionally stood between homeowners and a new solar system, the large up-front cost, a zero-down option is available to most homeowners with a credit score of 650 and no late mortgage payments for two years.